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News preview First signs of storm inside the M5s

First signs of storm inside the M5s

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Storm winds in the M5s. On Monday, the leader of the Movement Luigi Di Maio said that no one had asked for his resignation. Not even 24 hours later, however, was the deputy group leader in the Senate of the M5s Primo De Nicola to leave his post. Convinced that the responsibility for the electoral defeat must be shared at all levels, De Nicola wrote on Facebook that he had made "a necessary decision. Not only in light of the election result, but also and above all of the things we said to ourselves in so many meetings and assemblies. Make the tasks available to the Movement. It is the only way I know to foster an authentically democratic discussion of who we are and where we want to go. "

Even Carla Ruocco al Messaggero has made it known that "the lessons are used to reflect on the mistakes made. Luigi thinks about whether to resign for a new impetus of the 5 star Movement which does not imply remaining in government at all costs. I think honors should be followed by burdens. I love Luigi with whom we have made the Movement grow for years but there is a political responsibility for this bad result that does not come out of nowhere but has distant roots: I think of the experience of Rome. A reflection would be right and I am sorry I have not yet had any signals ».

Carla Ruocco
Carla Ruocco

Gianluigi Paragone: "Di Maio's generosity in putting three, four positions together must be reviewed because the Movement needs a 24-hour political leadership to start again". The journalist then makes it a matter of personal pronouns: «We have to go back from I to we The ego was a flight forward, perhaps even important at a certain moment, but an ego with a lowercase because when it turns into" I "Capitalized is no longer good".

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