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Natural Theater For each pizza its high quality extra virgin olive: ...

For each pizza its high quality extra virgin olive oil: an excellent combination

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Are you waiting for the new oil?

Personally I do not have a beginning or an end, it is a tape that runs continuously with constant dogmas: quality, harmonization, emotions and so on without stopping.

I wanted to start, after the holidays, with a controversial article about the oils tasted this summer but I will spare you the disgust.

Instead, I'm on 12 September looking for a still good monocultivar in Mignola because my trusted supplier has finished it.

On Monday I was in a restaurant to give advice and tomorrow I am in a shop to present an oil from the Guide, a late August and early September to remember, never as this year has the restaurant embraced the world of quality oil. I'm happy!

But in this world of prizes, certificates and stamps I want to share my joy with you and dedicate this article to a true winner of our supply chain, a young entrepreneur who believes in his work and enhances the raw material he uses.

Luca Issa, owner of the pizzeria "Pizzeria Piccolo Buco" in the center of Rome. Luca selects the products he uses in a maniacal way, searches, tastes, tests cooking and harmonizations and offers high-level pizzas and more.

traditional pizza

As for the oil I follow Luca as a consultant for three years and our is now almost a ritual, in December we see each other and taste all the oils that have arrived in Extravoglio Guide, menu in hand and gradually creates the combinations, we compare and he creates his selection.

This year he chose 13 manufacturers:

  1. Depalo (Apulia) Danae
  2. Fonte di Foiano (Tuscany) Grand Cru
  3. Frantoio Franci (Tuscany) Grand Cru
  4. Andrea Degiovanni (Lazio) Supreme
  5. Marsicani Frantoio (Campania) Alter Ego
  6. Montenigo (Veneto) Favarol
  7. Oro di Rufolo (Apulia) Elit
  8. Company Tommaso Masciantoni (Abruzzo) Intosso
  9. Agricola Doria (Calabria) You
  10. Intini (Apulia) Cima di Mola
  11. Ambrosio Farm (Campania) Alfa
  12. Fattoria Ramerino (Tuscany) Guadagnolo Primus
  13. Colle Nobile (Marches) Mignola

I have to be honest Luca has become a master in both tasting and harmonizing oils; on test days, during which we tasted all the pizzas with their respective oils, we only changed two harmonizations. Very good!

The most requested pizza this year was the Quattro Formaggi Gialla: base with boat, grated 2 pecorino cheeses (Pecorino di Fossa and Romano, Az. Agriculture New Reserve), sheep's blue cheese, parmesan fondue, red cows 45 months, cream of montebore (Az. Agr. Vallenostra) and nutmeg with an abundant round of Mignola della az on it. Colle Nobile.

The scent of delicate and persistent berries balances the various scents giving unique emotions.

Absolutely to try!

Extra virgin olive oil is an important ingredient for Luca Issa, he treats it carefully and consumes a lot: 13 companies (but consider 14, Intosso always has double orders) that have received 4 orders of two cartons of 12 bottles therefore:

14 x 12 x 4 = 672 500ml bottles from January to early September, a calculation by default since I personally remember a few adjustment orders.

700 bottles for 9 months of work and all this without calculating the oil for the kitchen but that's another story.

Congratulations Luca!

The combination of quality extra virgin olive oil and catering is a consolidated reality but, if you want to go and find it, get ready to queue, reservations are not accepted.

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