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Free Thought For the government: The game is over And many have understood it.

For the government: The game is over And many have understood it.

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The mass-media system, managed or rigorously controlled mainly by the world of western finance, has always called the consensus that led to the referendum victory over "Brexit", the election of Donald Trump in the United States, "derogatory" of America and that of Boris Johnson in Great Britain. 
Certainly, that vote was born from a widespread discontent of the populations (British and North American).

The two Anglo-Saxon countries under the leadership of the Obamas and the Camerons, and before them the Bushes, the Clintons, the Blairs (and therefore without any difference and incidence of the political color of those political leaders) had pursued a policy defined with an effective term, even if aggressive, "imperialistic"; more precisely, the United States to an extent that can be defined as "full", Great Britain, in a reflex way, due to its condition of participating in the action, tending to the same expansionist purposes, of the European Union.

It was suggested to the entire Western world by the financial centers of Wall Street, the City (and Brussels) and was aimed: a) at the globalization of the economy, b) particular attention to the (even disastrous) activity of institutions of credit, c) a relocation of industrial factories outside their borders, d) a monetarist vision and version of capitalism, favored by ecological alarms against the pollution of factories, supported and promoted by the Financiers, with adequate resources.

In particular, the United States and some member states of the European Union more conditioned by the support of the powerful heavy arms industry, had also sent their troops to the constant massacre of human beings (poorly tolerated within their respective countries), with the declared aim (and considered less and less credible) of "guaranteeing a peace" in places where for two thousand years, powerful and hidden lobbies of the three most warlike and aggressive religions of the entire planet have done nothing but ignite fires of terribly destructive clashes. And this, not so much for the necessity of a senseless proselytism (also evident) as for a calculated economic interest.

That popular protest, perceptible and widespread, had found in both leading countries "thinking" political forces capable of transforming the "belly vote" into a "head vote". 
Donald Trump and Boris Johnson had sensed and caught in the popular protest the concern that the abandonment of the "industrial civilization" for the "monetaristic" pursued by the Banks would have only had negative effects for the growth of a progressive poverty, corresponding, conversely, to an immense wealth of banks.

In addition, it would have placed the same political leaders at the mercy of the tycoons of Finance, with the consequent end of any possibility of democratic, autonomous and independent life.
Industrial capitalism, in the vision of the two Anglo-Saxon leaders, had to be preserved, cared for and saved from the dangers it was running: not condemned to death.
And this, even at the cost of revising some principles of economic liberalism, which have become true sacred monsters of civilization, first Western and then global.

If, in fact, the conditions under which those principles were conceived and enunciated had changed, it was necessary to review them without sacrificing productive activities. And this in particular with regard to freedom of exchange (of men but above all of goods).
On the path traced by the two statesmen, the resumption of production was marking notable progress that only the Corona virus pandemic has called into question. 
The European Union, due to the economic crisis determined by the spread of the epidemic, has become even more the last resort of banking monetarism. With its leftist bits (of Christian or Marxist origin), in the Masonic lodges, in the Jewish lobbies and in the Vatican ambulatories, high finance is preparing to take its revenge. 
The situation in Italy appears to be particularly delicate and important.

In the emergency, the falsely prevailing political forces in the country (repeatedly defeated in the latest electoral tests) and politicians inserted in the institutional establishment were able to move to "scrape together", in a ramshackle public reality, a group of people, mainly uncultivated and widespread incompetent, to set up a reclusive government that found itself favored by the morbid emergency.

Now, with the pandemic almost over, it is unlikely that the Brussels technocrats will not remember the need to replace the current rulers with "egg heads" (some elderly, but still living) on ​​which to count to give a semblance of greater decency to governments, which in such a delicate phase, should be even more diligent in complying with their directives.
Apparently, the Union does not even seem willing to respect the Horatian motto of est modus in rebus.

The "welcome" to Conte was not offered to him on a silver platter but in rough ceramic. The lawyer from Foggia understood where the overt and hidden conciliaboli of recent days were leading and tried to change course immediately (we will open everything we can; I apologize for the delays and so on).
To get to the elections in a less risky way, the tycoons of Finance need a government that is efficient and reassuring for the future of the country: in other words, friendly people.

Will it be enough to avoid an electoral crash of leftism, in an increasingly blatant way serving the interests of the rich?
The fact is that in Italy, more than on the support of adequate forces, monetary capitalism can count on the (desolating) absence of political forces and leaders capable of collecting any "belly vote" of the voters and transforming it into a " head vote "thinking and operating.

A second "Marshall plan" of the "Allies" (those of the time of the Second World War) should provide the "Bel Paese" with large quantities of ideas of true and pure liberalism: that cultivated and grown in the shadow of English Enlightenment, empiricist, pragmatic and deeply rational to replace the "bogus" one of the Italian students of German idealistic philosophy, the parent of tyrannical absolutisms (fascist and communist) and not of true liberal democracies.

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