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Letter from From Catilina to De Vito

From Catilina to De Vito

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Twenty-one centuries later, in Rome we would still need the lawyer Senator Marco Tullio Cicerone because the evil genius of the Sergi, of which Lucio Sergio Catilina was a well-known exponent, has never died out in Rome! Corruption, arrogance, arrogance are endemic evils of the city and the current management of the Campidoglione seems a particularly fertile ground, from the President of the Assembly down and up.

For these evils under the blows of the Magistracy, in the middle of Tangentopoli, the Carraro junta fell and it was decided to remedy the ill-deal with the reform of the electoral mechanism and the direct election of the Mayor. In reality, with the Rutelli and Veltroni councils the remedy seemed effective, but it was a short season and with the new century the perverse system regained the upper hand, associating a new unbearable profile: that of inefficiency, with the policy of no and that of the barrel discharge. . No to the Olympics, no de facto no to the Stadio della Roma, no to great works, top management or managerial responsibilities transformed into individual fault with the alleged guilty abandonment to their fate, forgetting those who entrusted them with the responsibilities and the means of management.

The list of consequent evils is constantly increasing and tends to infinity: the road pavement everywhere in distress, the asphalt chasms that open weekly, the holes and the decay of the sidewalks that cause infinite economic claims of the injured, the disappearance of the city policemen from the streets, the burning buses, the escalators of the subway stations out of order, the disorder of the commercial occupation of the squares and sidewalks, the abandonment of the suburbs, the proliferation of mafias, delinquency, the Pistoleros, never seen before in the city, refugee camps, gypsies everywhere, the continuous and definitive closure of family businesses and not only, waste abandoned in the streets, insufficient and broken bins, the degradation of the new Tiburtina station used by homeless people, the insufficient activity on the streets of the so - called ecological operators, the Olympic Village being transformed into landfill, the grass that grows freely along the gard rails, the pines that fall on every windy or snowy day, the roots that ruin the asphalt, the inefficient municipal companies with mutant management, the crisis of the district councils managed by the so-called new men, conflicts with enemy governments and also friends, the recurring resignation of councilors and leaders, the return of the interventions of the judiciary with arrests and indictments entirely in line with the black age of Tangentopoli which was believed to be forgotten, etc. ., etc…. Nothing goes well, Madam the Marquise !!!

So for the lawyer Senator Marco Tullio Cicerone there would be a great job. Other than the simple catilinaries!

Marcus Tullius Cicero
Marcus Tullius Cicero

But what is surprising today is the deafening silence of those who would have a say. The Institutions, the Prefecture, the Police Headquarters, the ASL do not speak, the Politics of any party speak confusedly, the Trade Unions, the Trade Associations, the Professional Orders, the Neighborhood Committees (are they still there?) Etc. etc. do not speak. And the Press writes according to its own political orientation, as if the holes, the garbage, the green turned yellow, the Pistoleros, the rapes, the fallen trees, and maybe the snow, etc., belonged to some more than to others and not were a common tragedy without color or part. And finally, the last but not the least, where has the Judiciary ended up? Should the prosecutors not intervene when they have news of a crime? Or the above, which is known daily to over three million citizens and travelers, does not reach the eyes and ears of the excellent Deputy Prosecutors? Sometimes, their goodness, a file is loudly opened, but then some pitiful hand closes it, without making a sound ...

Rome (presumed capital), Sunday 7 April 2019.

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