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People of Moondo GAU Project - Interview

GAU Project - Interview

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  1. With this latest edition, the team of street artists becomes more and more varied. Is the goal to involve more and more souls for the artistic and urban redevelopment of Rome?

We have a hard core of artists who have participated in Gau since the first edition, they are fond of the project, of the issues dealt with and know how to treat a difficult support such as that of the separate glass collection bells, but each edition sees the alternation of new artists coming not only from the world of street art, but also illustrators, cartoonists, painters who with their own style and different techniques are able to make the event even more heterogeneous.

  1. The 2020/21 edition was certainly marked by the covid experience. What were the further difficulties for the realization of the project compared to the past ones?

Leaving aside the bureaucratic difficulties that certainly do not interest the reader, the restrictions linked to the pandemic have significantly modified the “Open Gau”, the three final days of the event and the training activities related to the project. Gau in fact is not just bells, each edition is always characterized by laboratory activities in schools of all levels, by theatrical walks that accompany the citizen to discover the works created and by creative recycling activities to raise awareness, not only for the little ones, but also the largest, on the theme of recycling. Not wanting to give up this important aspect of the event, this year the workshops were organized according to current regulations, video tutorials on creative recycling were made and the theatrical walks were transformed into a short film.

  1. The glass bells become an artist's canvas. A message for the protection of the environment and for greater awareness of recycling. Can art really be the promoter of this campaign?

Certainly. Making an object of daily use such as the separate glass collection bells beautiful, fun, poetic, transforming it from a mere functional object into something that makes you think, I believe helps to develop a different care for the common good.

  1. The artist wall dedicated to Anne Frank takes the stage by raising awareness of the theme of memory. Where does this idea come from?

Who can explain it better than the artist Alessandra Carloni herself "Anna's journey" is a surreal and fairytale interpretation, linked to my style, on the character of Anne Frank. Eliminating any link to the tragedy and atrocities of the Holocaust, and thinking of the work as a story that can best adapt to a school context, I focused on the "lightness" that is typical of Anna's childhood age, which tells of his adolescent world and his disturbances in his diary, finding in writing the escape from reality and the hopeful search for a tomorrow. So here it is, as in a dream, on a flying house, transported by a balloon, in an indefinite landscape moved by the wind. Her diary is among the suspended objects that come out of the house, as parts of the coming-of-age story that Anna has transcribed, thus leaving us a great historical legacy, on one of humanity's deepest wounds.

  1. With GAU Magazine it will be possible to find any information on the project. Digital at the service of art. A fundamental support?

It has always been, since the first edition. It is very important that as many people as possible can be informed about the project, the events related to it and get to know each artist who participated in it. It is an aspect on which we are working more and more and from the next editions there will be many news related to the digital world.

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