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Giampaolo sodano

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Giampaolo sodano
Giampaolo sodano

Craftsman, oil master, journalist and company manager, Giampaolo Sodano was born in Rome, but has lived in Nepi since 2000 in the province of Viterbo. Married to Fabrizia Cusani, he has two children, Alessia and Gabriele, and three delightful grandchildren: Isotta, Carolina and Anna.

Before winning a competition in 1966 and joining Rai as a program officer, he carried out an intense publicity activity as a literary and film critic: he collaborated with Paese Sera, the Avanti, Nuova Generazione, La Conquest, Il Contemporaneo, Filmcritica. And he is elected national secretary of the FICC, the federation of cinema circles chaired by Cesare Zavattini.

In 1968 he was editor-in-chief of Altra Italia and 1971 he was a professional journalist. As a delegate to the production he signs important shows, from the “Count of Montecristo” to the “Pichwik circle” from “Canzonissima” to the “Vedova allegra”; then he was appointed producer-screenwriter and in 1974 head of service of the light show. At the same time, his political commitment led him to be elected to the Central Committee and regional deputy secretary of Lazio of the PSI. In 1976 he was appointed President of the Regional Transport Consortium. In 1979 he was a company manager of RAI and responsible for the company for relations with the Regions. In 1983 he was elected Member of Parliament. In 1987 he returned to professional activity in RAI and was appointed vice-president and managing director of Sipra and subsequently director of Raidue. In 1994 he was general manager of Sacis and the following year director of APC, RAI purchasing, production and co-production management, president of Sacis and member of the board of RAI Corp. In 1997 he resigned from RAI and became director of Canale5. A brief experience after which he gives life to a consultancy firm "Comconsulting" with which in 1999 he collaborates with B&S Electra for the acquisition of the company Eagle Pictures spa of which he becomes chairman of the board of directors. In 2001 he was elected vice president of ANICA and President of Unidim (Union of Distributors). From 2008 to 2014 he was vice president of "Sitcom Televisión spa".

He was also President of IAA. Italian section (International Advertising Association), President of Cartoons on the bay (International cartoon festival) and President of the International Cinema Meetings of Sorrento. He wrote and published "The things possible" (Sugarco 1982), "Le coccarde verdemare" (Marsilio 1987), "Birth of Venus" (publisher Liguori 1995).

He changes his life and profession, becomes an oil artisan and in 1999 buys an old oil mill in Vetralla. As an oil master he engages in the associative activity by taking on the position of first vice president and then director of the Italian Oil Millers Association (AIFO). With his wife Fabrizia he published "Bread and oil - guide to the artisan mills" and "Escape from the city".