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Restless heart God and friends

God and friends

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Man is happy when he is in tune with God. A creature is well when he has an immediate relationship with his creator. It is also my personal experience. After the confession I feel a particular lightness, an euphoria that is born, I believe, from the grace of God and from my albeit poor correspondence.

 A problem arises when I want to draw my friends closer to God. Some actually proceed quickly but there are others who seem refractory. I am reminded of the fatigue of Santa Monica who prayed day and night for the conversion of her son. She suffered, she shed many tears, she got busy, also involving Sant'Ambrogio, but in the end the result was splendid. Agostino surprised her by becoming a monk without limiting himself to the good marriage that Monica expected.

faith and religion
faith and religion

Ettore Bernabei, the great father of Rai, was an authentic Christian and wanted to bring his friends closer to God. He has come to write a book with a friend of his to have the opportunity to be with him. His friend suffered from the recent widowhood and Hector wanted to transmit to him the faith in the eternal life promised by Jesus.

Once converted, Leonardo Mondadori wanted to convey his joy to his friends and, among other things, he worked successfully to spread the first book of a pope all over the world: Crossing the threshold of hope, of John Paul II.

The Lord respects the will of man, for this reason conversions are not easily obtained: Jesus himself transformed water into wine but when he proposed to a rich young man to follow him he was unable to change his heart and found himself in front of a refusal. In spite of this, in another moment he said: "The harvest is great but the workers are few, so pray to the Master of the harvest to send workers into his harvest" (Luke 10). Conversions depend on prayer. We are faced with the mystery of the action of God's grace which acts while respecting the freedom of man.

I have a list of friends and relatives that I would like to draw closer to God. I read it and pray for them every morning. Prayer always reaches its target but what will happen remains in the mystery of God's will.

I have worried too much about the desire that the people I pray for will come to complete conversion. I was also anxious to see apostolic institutions slowing down the pace. Not now. I remain in the joy of the Holy Spirit blowing where he wants. I am left with the task of not ceasing to pray. In the Old Testament, book of Exodus 17, there is a scene that incisively represents the need for prayer: during a battle, as long as Moses kept his arms raised Israel won, when he lowered them Israel lost, so much so that Aaron and Cur they intervene and help him keep his arms raised until Joshua's final victory. A convincing example of the need for prayer.

Jesus chooses the apostles after a whole night spent praying. Saint Luke recounts in chapter 6: "In those days he went to the mountain to pray and spent the whole night praying to God. When it was day, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve, to whom he also gave the name of apostles ".

There is a moral: I must accompany my good wishes with prayer: the more I pray the better.

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