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News preview Great Britain reopens on Monday

Great Britain reopens on Monday

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Boris Johnson: "I'll go to the pub." Two free tampons per week for each English. France is back in lockdown. In Portugal, schools, bars, restaurants and museums reopen. Russia has sent 100 doses of Sputnik V to Libya. In the US there have never been so few deaths from Covid in the last six months

On the front page

• The mafia boss Giuseppe Calvaruso was arrested in Palermo after returning from Brazil for Easter lunch
• In the province of Frosinone, three twenty-year-olds and a fifty-year-old man died in a car accident
• Two men left a suspicious package in front of Bonaccini's door. The carabinieri, having opened it, found only litter and dirty diapers
• From today Veneto, Marche and Trentino pass into the orange zone. Nine regions remain in red
• Another 296 deaths were recorded yesterday. The number of hospitalized patients (+387) and intensive care (+34) are increasing. The positivity rate jumps to 10,4%. The people vaccinated (two doses) are 3.475.919 (5,83% of the population)
• The five-day quarantine for those returning from abroad has been extended to 30 April
• Denise Pipitone's mother refuses to speak on Russian TV, first she wants proof that the girl who looks so much like her is really her daughter
• In the province of Brescia, a 27-year-old man convinced his 13-year-old nephew to shoot his rival, with whom he had just had a fight
• In Chicago, police shot a 13-year-old Hispanic boy
• Navalny, on the sixth day of his hunger strike, was hospitalized in a medical facility: he has fever and cough. Meanwhile, Putin has approved the law that will allow him to remain in power until 2036
• Ten admirals critical of Erdoğan arrested in Turkey
• In California an SUV loaded with migrants collides with a truck: 13 dead
• Cinema censorship has been permanently abolished in Italy
• Born with an intestine instead of a lung: a child saved at the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin
• South Korea's LG will stop making smartphones
• The cluster that broke out in the national team expands: Florenzi, Grifo, Sirigu and Cragno are positive
• In Florida Jannik Sinner was beaten 7-6 6-4 by Pole Hubert Hukacz
• Robert Mundell, Nobel laureate in economics and architect of the euro, died
• The skier Roland Thoeni, cousin of Gustav Thoeni, also died


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In the last ten years in Europe 79 million children have been born and 81,5 million people have died [Volpi, Lettura].

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