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News preview Zingaretti is the new secretary of the Democratic Party

Zingaretti is the new secretary of the Democratic Party

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Nicola Zingaretti won the Democratic primary and is the new secretary of the Democratic Party. The governor of Lazio obtained 65% of the votes, in addition to the absolute majority necessary to be elected immediately, without the need for a ballot, which would eventually have taken place in the national assembly. Maurizio Martina finished second with 22% and Roberto Giachetti third with 12%. Congratulations from Renzi arrived to the new secretary: «A beautiful and clear victory. Now enough friendly fire ». One million and eight hundred thousand citizens voted (data from the same Democratic Party). Long lines to the gazebos had to reprint or photocopy the cards. Same numbers as the last primaries of 30 April 2017. Gentiloni towards the party presidency, Calenda likely leaders in the European Championships. Among the first things said by the new secretary: the intention to visit the construction sites of the Tav as soon as possible.


«In the evening, when the results had settled, Zingaretti appeared at the headquarters of his Committee and gave a flamboyant speech. Of course, leftist, dedicated to the poor, to women, to the exploited, to Greta Thumberg, the Swedish girl who fights for the salvation of the planet, but also - here's the surprise - dedicated to the "millions of businesses" harassed by the government's economic policy […] In terms of political positioning, the new leader is preparing the biggest news. In the event of a government crisis that should occur after the European Championships in May, the Democratic Party will be unavailable to any government, both political and emergency, and in case of uncertainty, it will ask for early elections, because at that point they would be "the act more responsible "» [Martini, Sta].

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