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Cavallo dies in Caserta, the service of horse carriages suspended from today

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The Management of the Royal Palace of Caserta has suspended the service of horse carriages from today, Thursday 13 August, following the sad story that occurred yesterday: a horse pulling a carriage of tourists under the scorching sun collapsed to the ground exhausted and died.

The horse collapsed to the ground and died while in the hottest hour, around 13:30 pm, it was transporting tourists in a carriage up and down the large park of the Royal Palace of Caserta.

The news was immediately reported by the citizens and the images shared on social networks went viral and ignited anger and indignation not only among animal welfare associations but also among many ordinary people. For some time now citizens have been denouncing this exploitation of horses that takes place inside the Royal Palace of Caserta, but not only. "We live in a highly technological era and thinking of using these poor animals for human transport, instead of modern zero-impact means, is something anachronistic, surreal and selfish.".

"We will be vigilant with our volunteers to prevent these poor animals from being circulated in critical climatic conditions”Declared the Regional Councilor of the Verdi-Europa Verde Francesco Emilio Borrelli and Rita Martone, co-spokesperson of the Verdi-Europa Verde in the Caserta area.

"The National Animal Protection Authority, which has always been committed to countering this senseless trade perpetrated against enslaved horses, will do everything necessary through its law firm so that the perpetrators of this massacre pay for their actions ". It can be read in a note from the Enpa, in which Massimo Pigoni, national vice president of the organization, adds: "It is absurd that nowadays animals are still used for these purposes, activities that are no longer acceptable even in the light of the now accredited scientific and ethological knowledge, which undoubtedly demonstrate that animals suffer and suffer exactly like us. The ENPA will fight this battle of civilization with all available means. In a civilized country, the barrels should disappear immediately and forever".

On the death of the animal, whose body will be subjected to an autopsy, an investigation was opened by the Prosecutor of Santa Maria Capua Vetere to verify any ill-treatment suffered, and in what conditions it was held.

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