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Today At the Music Park in Rome the Carmina Burana

At the Music Park in Rome the Carmina Burana

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At the Music Park of Roma i Carmina Burana with original medieval music and songs by the Carmina integrated with Carl Orff's score: choir, piano and symphonic percussion and ancient instruments. The narrative voice is by Massimo Popolizio.

Carmina Burana Carl Orff
Carmina Burana Carl Orff

The encounter between popular tradition and cultured music: the original medieval music and songs of the Carmina integrated with the score by Carl Orff; the union of choir, piano and symphonic percussion with ancient and popular instruments. A great ensemble that wants to draw a bridge between history and tradition, trying to bring back the religious or profane, joking, amateurs, satirical, blasphemous and mystical songs that make up the Carmina Burana, to their original dimension which inspired Carl Orff for his homonymous composition in 1937. 

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