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Sunday 9 May 2021

Uncomfortable diary If Silvia's kidnappers buy weapons with the ransom, we'll be the one to ...

If Silvia's kidnappers buy weapons with the ransom, we will sell them ...

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Under the house there are those who threaten her and now she lives under guard. We are more cruel than his kidnappers, who are criminals and do it for money. Us for stupidity and wickedness. Indeed, above all out of ignorance. Volunteering is a noble mission. Instead of admiring the courage of a graduate girl who goes to teach forgotten children, who will now grow better, we condemn her. Those who live in the jungle, in order to bring the word of Christ and health care to the natives, are often kidnapped and killed. But no one is afraid to continue helping those populations. We are the cowards.

To propose Donn'Assunta senator for life would be an act of national pacification that would put an end to hostilities

The visibility of Giorgio Almirante is gradually decreasing because Donn'Assunta, who is almost 99 years old, no longer has the energy to make him survive as he has managed so far. Eminent politicians and statesmen have long been forgotten. To regret it are not the successors who have only been able to change the name of the party. A recognition to his wife would not be a tribute to fascism, but to a man who tried to adapt the principles of his right to democracy, not to subvert it, and to a great woman whose love has performed the miracle of keeping him alive for more than thirty 'years.

It is the south itself that must regain its future, no one else can give it back

Once upon a time in Marsala on 11 May it was a feast. Garibaldi's landing was celebrated in 1860. Then, on the same day in 1943, the tragedy struck. A bombing killed a thousand citizens in Villa del Rosario, trapped in a poorly built refuge. There was already a habit of not completing public works. A bomb fell on the only way out. Today only mourning is celebrated. The expedition of the Thousand, which united Italy, deluded us. Unfortunately it was not a good service for the South. Under the Normans and Bourbons, we were a thriving country. Today, independent, we are a poor colony.

Those who judge Silvia Romano express their selfishness and neglect the anguish in which the girl lived

It was a day of joy for the whole country and a miracle for the parents. As if that poor daughter, who was given up for dead, had risen. Why smear this wonderful picture of emotion and happiness with a shit spray? What is the satisfaction of criticizing those who have lived for 18 endless months in terror, suffering harassment and even violence? What does it matter if she converted or changed her name, if she is pregnant or married, if we paid to save her life. It is essential that she returned home. If it happened to our daughter, would we be equally gossipy in judging her?

Women should stay home to make the sock, just so you can avoid the civil war that is being waged

Politics is an elegant duel, not a fight, as we do here. The atmosphere, in fact, is that of a coup or a guerrilla. In 1945 the hatred between fascists and communists was justified. But later Almirante became friends with Berlinguer. Today, those who do not think like us are the enemy. Parliament degrades. If the victim is a girl, she is certainly a slut. Let's throw her in jail for complicity with the kidnappers. Enough with the lies and hateful messages that too many reckless people enjoy spreading. They do not realize that they are putting their children's lives at risk - in an Italy for now free from attacks.

The state helps the many people who really need it, not those who have grown rich over the years and are now crying for misery

Holiness, I run the risk of appearing communist. Instead, certain truths should be shouted at by Catholics, as you do. Savings are a reserve for times of crisis, not money to be accumulated to be even richer. 7 years of fat cows - says the Bible - but we have enjoyed them for more than 50 years. And 7 of lean cows, only for a few months. All. the knights of work ask their state subsidies for their companies and those who have enriched themselves in all these years of well-being. If husband and wife are working and the school parking is not yet open, why not invest a few euros for a babysitter?

The lawsuits will begin to fall apart, even Silvia wants to be compensated like Boldrini for the slanders to her sister

How is it possible that no one has yet discovered that the sister has a rich and also powerful lover? With all the money they had, they could pay the terrorists to them. But stingy as they are, they sent the bill to the poor taxpayers. All the slanderers who insulted the deceased were sentenced. Yet there are those who are thinking of replicating the slander. Some are so stupid that they will believe it and spread fake news. They are too ignorant, they have no memory. They only get angry with girls, even women. Any ransom can be paid for kidnapped men.

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