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If the coronavirus locks you up at home, save yourself with excellent extra virgin olive oil

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Talking about quality extra virgin olive oil in this period is difficult, the psychosis and the frenzy are disconcerting, canceled manifestations, ragged commitments and unfulfilled expectations for an unjustifiable hysteria that we will pay for a long time and that certainly will not help our supply chain.

Cold-extracted olive oil
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Unregulated and unjustified purchases, emptied supermarkets, an astonishing senselessness, however I have not heard of "emptied" oil mills or purchases of large quantities of quality oil that would instead serve for a possible quarantine.

An advice? The next time you fear a hypothetical quarantine, take many oils of different scents and varying intensities, at least you will have fun and take care of yourself.
Since the dreaded forced imprisonment will not exist or will only be a few days I wonder what you will do with all your escort.

Instead, consider the absurd hypothesis of having to do this quarantine and since you lack a supply of quality oils I suggest 4 simple dishes that you could have done with fantastic oils:

The difficulty? None, maximum three ingredients, one of which is a quality extra virgin olive oil

Your escort should consist of:
1 Pasta
2. Parmesan
3. Tuna
4. Canned beans
5. Flour
6. Rice
7. Polenta
8. eggs
9. Yeast
10. Tomato sauce

First recipe: Pasta with parmesan cream with hints of tomato

Cook the pasta and with a little cooking water create a cream with the grated Parmesan and abundant Biancolila Titone (hints of tomato and aromatic herbs).
In this case the extra virgin olive oil serves as a technical medium, as a binder for a sauce and as a condiment for its aromas.

Second recipe: Polenta pie with boiled eggs

Cook the eggs and peel them, cut them into small pieces and mix with the hot polenta with a little extra virgin olive oil Batta Dop Umbria which will give the dish herbaceous hints of thistle, rocket, cut grass and a light spiciness. Serve it on the plate with plenty of oil.

Third recipe: Liquid polenta and eggs

Prepare a very liquid polenta with a little Grand-Cru Franci oil, serve very hot and break an egg on the plate, cover it for 5 minutes with a second plate and when the white one is all white, season with a generous round of Grand-Cru Franci which will give the dish herbaceous hints to an elegant spiciness.
In this case the oil is a technical means that gives polenta elasticity and is also a condiment.

Fourth recipe: Tuna and bean salad

Drain the beans and add them to the tuna, which is also drained, and season everything with "Le Ciaie", itrana, a Mandrarita di Itri company, fantastic and fragrant full of herbaceous hints.
Here the oil is simply a fantastic seasoning.

It is a pity that you will not be able to try these recipes: you have not "raided" the good oil.

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