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Leafing through the New York Times Amidst the danger in Latin America

Amidst the danger in Latin America

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Leafing through the New York Times of 13/07/2020

While coronavirus is raging in the region, health workers say that economic and health inequalities, neglected public health systems and misinformation have made fighting the epidemic harder and more dangerous. The New York Times is collecting stories of healthcare workers around the world. In reports and interviews, staff reflect on what they saw, the decisions they had to make and how the epidemic changed them. Here he dedicates three whole pages to Latin America, with 22 interviews and photographs from Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. With employees of all specialties: doctors, technicians, nurses. A great moving picture of total dedication and altruism, in a job, despite all precautions, extremely dangerous.


  • Borers fail, but executives take millions. Taxpayers may have to bear the high cleaning costs.  The day oil producer MDC Energy filed for bankruptcy eight months ago, one of its tanks leaked methane, and continues to lose it to this day. It will take at least 40 million to clean up, which the company doesn't have. But he paid a settlement of 8 million to his executive director, as seen in the bankruptcy proceedings. Many oil companies are heading for bankruptcy at a rate never seen before due to a global price war and the epidemic that has reduced demand.
  • 15.000 new cases of contagion in Florida in a day that breaks all records. Dozens of states opposed to restrictions see sharp increases in contagion. Florida had its highest daily increase on Sunday, beating New York, which also had a high of 12.274, and reflects the situation in other southern states, such as Texas, where governors have followed Trump's suggestions against restrictions and in favor to reopen all types of businesses, including restaurants and bars.
  • Suspicions about Russia's contacts with the Taliban go back years.  Since 2017, the commander of the American troops in Afghanistan, Gen Nicholson, suspected an agreement between Russia and the Taliban to kill American soldiers for cash. But with no clear evidence, speaking of how confusing the situation had become after the Taliban, Russia and Iran, traditionally enemies of each other, agreed to drive the Americans out of Afghanistan.
  • Disney World opens its doors to prove that it is a paradiseWithout parades and fireworks, with some attractions still closed and with many precautions, Disney World has reopened with great joy for young and old. It is an effort by a very important company to demonstrate that it is possible to operate safely even in these times.
  • Fire hits transport ship in San Diego. Large photograph in the middle of the page with caption: “17 sailors and 4 civilians injured in a fire and an explosion on a ship anchored in the port of San Diego.


  • INTERNATIONAL. Financial crisis in Lebanon. A famous chef abandons the meat and the closed state brings empty evenings. Economic collapse means daily misery. At home finally. A NASA scientist, Serkan Golge, of Turkish origin but an American citizen, has returned to Houston after three years of imprisonment in Turkey accused of participating in a coup.
  • EPIDEMIC. Live music and many horns.  An appearance of normality returned to New Jersey on Saturday when two local bands did a live concert for spectators in the car. Trump's assistant contradicts Fauci. Government officials begin to treat the leading infectious disease expert (and theoretically the government chief of the battle against the virus) as a political rival.
  • BUSINESS. California in trouble. Initial hopes of a rapid recovery from the contagion have yielded to concerns about the long-running financial impact.
  • NATIONAL. Capturing the city from every possible angleIt is difficult to imagine how many places the official public transport agency photographer had to go. With an entire page of photographs. A Trumpist scorned by Trump. Jeff Session, justice minister kicked out of Trump for daring to oppose opinions, is running for the Senate.
  • ARTS. Going where the buyers go. Galleries are opening in the Hamptons, a location favored by the wealthy to escape New York during the epidemic. It is three hours by car, on the sea, east of the city.  

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