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Diary of a quarantine The infinite time

The infinite time

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Di Alessia Di Spirito

Saturday 18 April at 16:00, I have lost count of the days.
The quarantine continues, counting the days, seem infinite. When will all this pass?
Life passes very slowly, and the mind also seems to have grown tired of running towards indefinite spaces.
Everything is silent, time has stopped and the world remains motionless in front of a gruesome scenario. I sit on the bed, start one of my favorite songs.
I leaf through an album full of photos, full of happy memories, I smile and cry
I become melancholy, sad ... furious!
How can a creature like a virus deprive me of everything that made me feel good?
How can it keep me away from the people I love?
I cry, scream, I vent ...

Saturday 18 April, 21 pm ...
Like every evening I try to make up for it, I repeat that everything will be fine, that everything will return as before ...

21 pm routine video calls with my grandchildren .. I watch them, I smile, I think about how they will have changed in these months, I think how much they have grown, and I can't wait to embrace them again ..
I look at my sisters, so close, but so far away .. I smile at them too, I miss them to death!

And here I am looking for the positive in this tragic situation ..
Covid-19, a creature so hated, but capable of great things.
Thanks Covid for letting me discover the true values ​​of life, thank you for letting me discover how important the family is.
Everyday life, so banal but so beautiful!
It was ripped off in the blink of an eye.
What will I do when all this is over ?!
I will never take anything for granted again, I will do everything by giving all of myself and I will love the people close to me as if that was the last day granted to me!

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