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Free Thought Tax system integration or European Union policy guide?

Tax system integration or European Union policy guide?

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The great upheavals of history often produce large-scale constitutional and institutional reversals.
The defeat of Italy in the Second World War gave rise to the birth of the republican and anti-fascist Constitution to replace the Albertine monarchical statute and the tyrannical regime of Mussolini. 
The Algerian War, which began in 1954 and ended traumatically for France in 1962, allowed General Charles De Gaulle to invent and build the French Fifth Republic. 

The shocking and bloody American secession (1861-1865), which is remembered as a "civil war" without the false modesty well known to other peoples, inventors of more captivating words, allowed to transform a British colony into one of the most powerful nations in the world : The United States of America.
From catastrophe to catastrophe, we come to our days with the disaster of the Covid19 pandemic, otherwise known as Coronavirus.
And it is at this point that the dream of Europeans is born, not of those, of course, affected and infected by the "ideological Europeanism" imposed by the banks and technocrats of Brussels, shared and endorsed by the absolutists, universalists and globalizers of various kinds: religious (Jewish-Christian) or philosophical (post-Hegelian leftist idealist); but of those who would like to see the United States of Europe emerge from the ruins of the Coronavirus pandemic.

And this, with the provision of an autonomous, free and independent political guide, able to take measures in the interest of the population and not of the financial centers of Wall Street in the City.
Some political journalist, inclined to optimism, shyly hinted that the conditions would exist, if all member states showed this determination with determination.
He did not keep in mind that the donkey falls right here! 
The aforementioned commentator, as regards the possible contribution of our country (which is not exactly the last of the twenty-seven member states but has the most ramshackle political class and executive in the West) ignored that there is a highly "impeding circumstance. ”(In the language of jurists), precisely in the aforementioned absolute inadequacy of our Government to pursue a free and autonomous line of action; that is, that it does not strictly follow directives from other sources.
We are seeing it in the management of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Giuseppe Conte (nicknamed "Giuseppi" by Donald Trump probably because of his transformational skills, suitable for making him preside over governments of diametrically opposite sign) speaks like the arm dressed in rags and with the face of cardboard. plaster moving his lips, repeating the phrases of a "remote" ventriloquist, who in this case is a virologist, an epidemiologist, an infectious specialist, a cell phone expert and so on.  
The man, under the severe and persuasive attitude, of a "graceful" dictator, does not have the courage to express his own will and continues to "pontificate" only because he is in the government of a people that Carducci, not surprisingly, called " dead". 
Imagine if the aforementioned is able to contrast his political vision with the maneuvers that Angela Merkel has already started for some time. 

Under the pretext of wanting to "harmonize the taxation systems in force in the Member States of the Union as a necessary condition to increase the financial resources that have become insufficient due to Covid19", the German Chancellor intends to offer another element of "democratic camouflage" to its puppeteers financiers. And this, in essence, to give a "squeeze" to the other European peoples, taking advantage of the favorable circumstances offered by the epidemic.
The questions posed by the initiative of the German Christian-social leader are many:
Why, speaking of revenue, did he not mention any centralized and uniform expenditure control?
The answer is far too easy.
Because if he did he would have flashed to the States (victims of a shirt of Nessus more than members) the idea of ​​an autonomous political entity distinct from the sinoli countries, with its own budget and with rules valid for all the inhabitants of the Eurocontinente. In other words, abolishing norms of diversity that currently exist.
In fact, one has to ask: Why should systems that focus on citizenship income, subsidies, pensions at a quota of one hundred and the like continue to coexist in the same human context, inclining towards pauperistic (pseudo-emergency) measures and others that are proposed again instead , above all a relaunch of the industrial system with adequate productive investments? And this, with good evidence, to achieve a higher level of wealth.

And again: Why should states that speak only of redistribution of an income that is thinning if not disappearing together with others who want first of all to increase the threshold of total income?
Even the most "deluded" of the "ideological Europeanists" cannot deny that without a political connection the fractures currently existing between the member states of the Union, in the face of a catastrophe of the scale of the Corona virus pandemic, would the affirmation of already well-known para-Darwinian principles of inevitable supremacies of "chosen peoples".

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