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Natural Theater Intensity and persistence of the aromas of extra virgin olive oil

Intensity and persistence of the aromas of extra virgin olive oil

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The effect of the presence of phenolic compounds of virgin olive oil was studied during the in vivo consumption of a food emulsion of olive oil in water (O / W), evaluated by APCI-MS.

The phenolic compounds of the extra virgin were equal to 593 mg / kg.

Four volatile compounds, ethyl acetate, hexanal, hexanal, hexanol and linalool, were monitored based on their physical-chemical characteristics and their aromatic impact.

The water-oil emulsions were stabilized with whey protein isolate (WPI) and xanthan gum.

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The results suggested that ethyl acetate and hexanal have a "salting" effect in the presence of extra virgin phenols upon ingestion of the emulsion.
Among the birds studied, the exanal, generally related to the herbaceous scents, showed the highest release.
The persistence in the perfume was greater only for linalool, with a typically floral scent, probably due to its greater hydrophobicity.

This study could be useful in the formulation of new functional foods to increase the release of aromas and persistence in the presence of natural phenolic compounds.


Alessandro Genovese, Nicola Caporaso, Vincenzo di Bari, Ni Yang, Ian Fisk, Effect of olive oil phenolic compounds on the aroma release and persistence from O / W emulsion analyzed in vivo by APCI-MS, Food Research International, 2019, 108686, ISSN 0963-9969

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