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Moondo's interviews Interview with Pio Canu - Let's start again from the environment

Interview with Pio Canu - Let's start again from the environment

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Today Tiziana Buccico, journalist, has an interview for Moondo Pio Canu, author of the book "The Culture of Refusal". Pio Canu is the figure of a new type of politics that makes its focus the environment and eco-sustainability, and who wants to break down prejudices about waste to acquire collective awareness that waste is instead a great resource.

Tiziana Buccico opens the interview starting from the global pandemic that has transformed our lives, and in particular the environment that should become the protagonist of change and this new phase. He asks our guest to talk to us and to explain the conversion towards the environment, towards ecology and eco-sustainability.

"We cannot pretend to be healthy in a sick world," replies Pio Canu quoting Pope Francis, the pandemic, he explains, is directly linked to the destruction of nature. The moment the human being enters an ecosystem in a destructive way it breaks the natural balance, leading the living organisms of that ecosystem to have to adapt to that change. The virus has also adapted to the change.

Before the coronavirus, air pollution caused 80 thousand deaths only in Italy, a fact that has not been talked about much. "If we don't come to an ecological conversion, the pattern of the destruction of nature resulting in a pandemic will repeat itself," he says.

We ask the writer to explain the binomial culture-rejection who gives the title to his book published by Edizioni Efesto in 2018. He tells us that his profession as an environmental consultant has led him to go around a lot and to know many realities, he has therefore been able to notice how environmental information and the cultural problem related to management waste is widespread. He gives a practical example of the frying oil which is not disposed of in the right way, creating serious damage to the oceans the other large lung of the Earth. We must focus on environmental education starting from schools because the basics of recycling are missing, starting with the little everyday things.

From a national point of view, Italy has many excellences in the green economy but they are not taken into due consideration by the government. Separate waste is a great resource because it can create new products and to do this new technologies are there, but the government does not favor companies by forcing them to work abroad. A major shortcoming is that of plants for the disposal of organic waste, this favors also promoting organized crime, specifically the ecomafia, which arises and grows precisely due to the absence of disposal plants.

Renewable energies must be stimulated in order to be able to definitively abandon fossil fuels, and take advantage of the new technologies that we have and that many countries envy us. "What can we do immediately to change things?" asks our journalist, Pio Canu replies that first of all each municipality should equip itself with an ecological island by requesting European funds; you can think of a punctual pricing, that is to charge only the undifferentiated, thus more recycling and less pay differentiation. Open municipal repair centers to combat planned obsolescence, and embrace the concept of repairing rather than throwing away. Another initiative may be that of eco containers, arranged inside supermarkets for example, where we can recycle our waste and obtain in exchange a sum of money to spend in partner shops, so as to make people understand the economic value of recycling. Another area to encourage is certainly that of sustainable mobility, not only with bike sharing but also with hydrogen buses for example. To finance university centers so that research and the creation of new technologies for the circular economy can progress. Finally, it is necessary to stop opposing economic development to ecology, because one cannot speak of one without speaking of the other, after all both have the same suffix "eco" which means home. We should start thinking about collective well-being and not just about the profit obtained at the expense of nature in the name of the god of money.

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