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Moondo's interviews Interview with Alessandro Sandionigi - Innovation in the company: a generational issue

Interview with Alessandro Sandionigi - Innovating in the company: a generational issue

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Today at the "World Interviews" we speak with one of the founders of Generation Warriors, Alessandro Sandionigi, interviewed by Alessandro Angelelli, Co Founder and Digital Marketing Director of Moondo.

On this occasion we welcome Alessandro, an expert on generational change, who will take care of one in this regard address book call with a particular name "May 32: Generations compared". A date that does not exist on the calendar, but that is the date on which generations meet, on which prejudices about age disappear and on which we know how to give value to sharing and collaboration.

The interview then delves into the generational issue regarding corporate innovation.

Worrying, says Alessandro Sandionigi, are the data that we have today, data that certainly were not helped by covid19, which only underlined the urgency of digital. Many companies unprepared for this period of crisis have found themselves blocked or slowed down by the absence of a vision projected towards digital indispensable before and even more today post coronavirus.

But on the other hand there are also heartwarming data: 70% more traffic on social media, more than 34 million people spend an average of 2 hours a day on social media, Netflix has registered 200 million paying users. These data show a way forward, they tell us that there are tools that allow us to revive business fortunes, find work and find customers. Online communication has become indispensable, digital can help by changing the way we communicate. We cannot go back to a pre-covid situation, we must necessarily go ahead and build a new model of doing business.

We asked the co-founder of generation Warriors, what it means to renew a company nowadays and he has listed 3 essential points:

  • Create a clear and precise business model that leaves no room for uncertainty. It must be current and targeted so that customers can immediately understand my offer.
  • It is important to know how to produce online content on social media, which can be an extension of yourself and your company. You need to create a content-based strategy, better if video because it is more performing, to tell your company, the creative process, the offer, to stand out from the competition and get added value.
  • Finally there must be a ready and usable offer immediately because it is the beginning of what is called funnel or the beginning of a journey with the customer to found a lasting relationship.

This is how Generation Warriors works.

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