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Moondo's interviews Interview with Antonino Esposito - Pizza Craftsman

Interview with Antonino Esposito - Pizza Craftsman

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Today for the column Moondo's interviews, we had a particular character as a guest, Antonino Esposito that can be called a artisan of food.

Antonino Esposito, from Sorrento, is an authority in the restaurant sector, teacher and consultant, he has gained notoriety thanks to a product of his invention, the Sorrentine Whisk. The chef confides in Moondo's cameras, interviewed by the director Giampaolo Sodano who opens with a very interesting question: "What is the secret of your creation?".

Esposito admits that passion is undoubtedly at the base of his work, a term, says the chef, very often inflated and misused. The word "passion" is full of meanings, an overwhelming feeling that can give you the strength to believe in your dreams and turn them into reality.

Antonino Esposito's brilliant career is undoubtedly the result of the passion for his work, but it is also the result of so much effort and countless sacrifices that have kept him away from home. In this unusual period that forced us home, the chef admits that he has been reborn and that he has rediscovered the pleasure of being with his loved ones, his company and his daughters. There have been many sacrifices to follow his dream and to kick off his career, which is why Esposito is keen to stress how important it is to give the right weight to the word "passion".

"I make pizzas and churn out ideas." From here shines the humility of the character of Antonino Esposito, a truth that explains how his success was achieved after having traveled an impervious and difficult road.   

Ideas that have come to life since he was a boy, driven by the desire to create, do, improve. From ideas, from passion but above all from great humility you can give life to something really important, the secret is to never lose sight of yourself and your origins. Antonino Esposito is an example.

The interview ends with an appeal heard by the chef to the Italian politicians, to help operators in the restaurant sector, young people and entrepreneurs to overcome this crisis and to work to encourage work and hiring to give new impetus to the sector hit hard by covid19.

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