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People of Moondo Interview with Chicoria

Interview with Chicoria

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Funeral Service 2 is presented as a true testimony of a human journey. How important do you think it is to convey these messages today?

In the daily life of our times we constantly have "suggestions" for everything. If I want to learn something, I look for a tutorial and watch it, but it is very different when a real human being teaches you the lesson. I don't pretend to get so close with music to the point of imparting a lesson, but my experience strongly pervades my music and I think this is enough at least to make you say, maybe the things it says are true, maybe it tries to make me feel something and maybe I can even arouse a reflection in someone.

How did you find yourself in the collaborations with Franco126 and Massimo Pericolo?

Well, they are friends and great artists both. Franco is from Rome, I have known him for the longest time and I have appreciated him from the beginning for his texts that evoke clear and intense images. Unfortunately, I have only known Ale since '7 Billion' was released, I was immediately mega fan and in fact I had made a drawing of him. From there we met and a beautiful friendship and a fruitful collaboration were born.

Funeral Service 2 also talks about politics. What is the message you want to convey with this frequent reminder?

I speak to young people in general. You have a duty to be better than previous generations. Don't you like society? How are you going to change it if you don't want to be interested in politics? If often the myth you are inspired by are gangsters who in real life do not have a good life at all but above all who are society's lice? We really need a better future, indeed a future and that's it and it's up to you to make it happen.

Chicoria - Funeral Service 2
Chicoria - Funeral Service 2

A record that is aimed at everyone. With the song "Move" you address the new generation of rappers. Do you think they can learn from Funeral Service 2?

I have nothing to teach, if anything I hope that the message will be perceived and reworked and it will be useful to help the listener find their right path.

A lot of awareness and a lot of experience in this album. Concepts are often conveyed with irony. Do you think this is the best way to talk about some difficult topics?

When you have a friend you care about who is always getting into trouble, sometimes you don't need to raise your voice and act crazy to tell him he's wrong, just make fun of him in style and let him know how much he ridicules himself ... you get more so ... so maybe yes.

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