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Moondo's interviews Interview with Avv. Hilarry Sedu: Italy that changes

Interview with Avv. Hilarry Sedu: Italy that changes

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The appointment with Moondo's interviews sees Tiziana Buccico interviewing today's guest the lawyer Hilarry Sedu, Nigerian by birth, Neapolitan by growth and Italian by choice.

Hilarry Sedu, councilor of the Naples Bar Association, arrived in Castelvolturno with his parents at the age of six months from Nigeria, and to date he is fighting and fighting for immigrant rights firsthand. His is the voice of an Italy that must necessarily change, must improve, and must think about the good of the state with common sense.

When asked what Italy changes, Sedu answers an Italy that finally comes to terms with a multiethnic society, and creates a bridge between different cultures to improve conditions for peaceful coexistence.

The lawyer explains that one of the biggest difficulties for integration and inclusion in our country is the linguistic difficulty. Language is fundamental for integration into the social fabric. While the French-speaking and English-speaking countries, following their historical colonial past, have broken down the linguistic barrier by favoring the integration and insertion in the world of work of immigrants, Italy instead of the Latin language has erected a linguistic wall difficult to overcome thus creating an obstacle for immigrants who want to fit into the economic fabric of society. This pushes immigrants to find merely physical jobs and give up the enjoyment of civil liberties. In this regard, the role of school and education is of great importance, a fundamental element for promoting integration.

To undermine the work of inclusion there is that political propaganda and that information that the foreigner, who cannot defend himself, is exploited as a scapegoat of all evil.

In this period his main battle is precisely that of regularizing illegal work. "At this moment we have to think like Italians," he says, "and think about the convenience that comes from the regularization of immigrants." Regularizing immigrants means bringing undeclared work to the fore, fighting organized crime that is enriched by exploitation, monitoring the health of these people through the general practitioner, thus guaranteeing security, and it means guaranteeing new forms of democracy.

Hillary Sedu, father and expecting her second child, addresses the new generations with a wish for them a company where we all have the same training and job opportunities.

He ends the interview with a message to future generations. “The importance of living in a state in peace and being able to enjoy civil liberties and fundamental rights. If a right is such and deserves to be defined, it should not be begged for but to be demanded. "

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