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Moondo's interviews Interview with Marta Basso - From Linkedin to TikTok round trip

Interview with Marta Basso - From Linkedin to TikTok round trip

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For Moondo's interviews today Alessandro Angelelli, Co-Founder and marketing director of the newspaper, had the pleasure of interviewing a young woman from Vicenza, Marta Basso, born in 1993, graduated in Economics and Management, appointed CEO for One Month of Adecco Group Italy, entrepreneur, writer, mother of the StopWhining movement and one of the founders of Generation Warriors.

She is known as one of the main Italian influencers, through her social networks she speaks of marketing, innovation and business. In particular, it is known for having subverted the rules of the social network of Linkedin professionals to which Marta approaches in a completely new way.

Starting from Linkedin she tells us how she approached this social network and how her way of communicating has changed over time. Initially disinterested in the platform, over time she begins to create content, but the real revolution occurs when she decides to move from writing to video. By publishing videos, he realizes that he has found a new way of communicating on this platform, considered by many to be too "in plaster". It was precisely his innovative approach and the desire to "challenge" the canonical rules of social media to make them find the right way, managing to adapt social media to his personality rather than the other way round.

Given his experience, he invites young people to sign up to Linkedin as soon as possible, whoever does it has the advantage of showing himself more, moreover, it is never too late to start approaching the world of work and build a network of contacts.

Then moving on to Tik Tok, to date one of the most popular social networks among young people, we ask Marta Basso how this social network can also serve adults and how they can use it.

Undoubtedly all platforms are born for children, they are the first users, but Tik Tok, explains Marta, is not a social network just for young people. Even adults can take advantage of the potential of the medium, the important thing is knowing how to find the right strategy to approach, the right content to publish, and being able to adapt and adapt to the medium mutually. Tik Tok offers a great opportunity given the large pool of users that can be reached, just knowing how to give the message differently based on the social network you want to use.

Regarding his book "The double alliance", he speaks of indispensable collaboration for the survival of companies and startups. In this historical period then even more important, says Marta Basso, the economy must go on and adapt to the world that evolves and changes, it is impossible to stop innovation. It is necessary to break the generational prejudices to ensure that there is a real comparison and contamination of ideas.

Marta Basso also talks to us about the issue of haters, being she a media exposed character, and she does so by commenting on the story of Silvia Romano. The story goes beyond political and conspiracy issues, but tells the situation of a country in the digital world. In particular, the basic problem is fake news and above all the inability of the average Italian to understand that he must verify the truth of the news. He leaves us with a wish "I hope that many influencers are not indifferent to haters, we must set an example of how we are on the internet and fight this phenomenon."

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