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Moondo's interviews Interview with Sergio Bellucci - Coronavirus and crisis: change or transition

Interview with Sergio Bellucci - Coronavirus and crisis: change or transition

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Sergio Bellucci, thanks to the Director of Moondo Giampaolo Sodano who asked the writer, journalist and expert in the processes of digital transformation, questions regarding the crisis in the functioning of the socio-economic system we are experiencing.

Starting from the economic discourse and then to that of the media, Bellucci outlines a profile not only of Italy, but of the whole world that is going through a critical period of Transition, against which it must take note of having to undertake a series of changes essential for economic and social recovery.

To the news that Germany has decided to print new money to avert the economic crisis, Bellucci replies that "the economy cannot be restarted by flooding it with resources." The problem concerns the system as a whole and the transition crisis brings the end of a way of producing value and the beginning of a whole new way.

The sense industry is the first experiment in the production of value through things that are not simply matter. From the classical industrial capitalism in which money is invested to produce goods to be resold to earn more money, a new model was born, namely: to produce money with money to earn more money. However, these two mechanisms have gone into crisis because they are no longer sufficient for the system that has crashed. It is therefore necessary to create a completely different mechanism to produce value and the sensory industry can contribute to this new model.

A solution is a new idea of ​​social status, the welfare of relationships, or the use of public resources to produce new. Bellucci explains that the welfare of relationships means evaluating money and investing it to trigger a mechanism that can create something new which in turn can satisfy needs, this entails a new quality of life where relationships between humans become central.

To the question of the director Giampaolo Sodano regarding the uncertain progress of the ruling class, Bellucci replies that the crucial point of politics is the lack of a vision of the future, hence the evident uncertainty in moving especially in these critical moments. The transition period we are going through requires a ruling class that can show a way. There is a lack of leadership, a guide, not only in Italy but all over the world, who lives up to and is aware of the crisis we are experiencing.

“The defect of the ruling class lies in not recognizing the complexity, but believes that by simplifying it solves problems, in reality by simplifying a complex problem, the solution is wrong. Complex problems need complex solutions. "

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