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Moondo's interviews Interview with Silvia Vianello - Digital Economy: the day after

Interview with Silvia Vianello - Digital Economy: the day after

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Today for Moondo Maurizio Primanni (CEO Excellence Consulting and signature of Moondo) interview Silvia Vianello, one of the best in the world, marketing professor at Bocconi in Milan, but also in Houston, Barcelona and Switzerland. Now he lives in Dubai and directs the Innovation Lab of one of the most prestigious business schools in the Middle East.

In this critical period for the world gripped by the pandemic grip, Silvia Vianello, who like all the teachers with the closure of the schools started the lockdown and online lessons, outlines the situation that Dubai is experiencing and how it has dealt with the crisis health compared to Italy. The country's lightning reaction was decisive, from the outset it subjected all those who entered the emirate to swabs, limiting the infections. Furthermore, Dubai has a very low mortality rate, being the age of the population very low, but also because they have started testing different experimental treatment protocols and have patented a new type of treatment. A country, says the interviewee, who knew how to manage the emergency promptly and positively.

We ask the expert what to expect for the future of the economy and in particular of small businesses overwhelmed by the crisis. She replies with a quote from Darwin "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent species that survives but the one that is best suited to change", at this moment, but always in life. The situation we are in now may be an opportunity to change your business models. We must not persist in returning to the situation before covid19, but we must invest in the future, on smart working and above all on people.

The first investment that entrepreneurs have to make is that of human resources which in this particular historical moment have become inhuman, Vianello explains. We must not abandon employees, but on the contrary we must involve and motivate them, because without people there is no technology that can help. Technology can improve results, the life of people in the company, turnover but the true value is human value.

Companies with a cash flow to a certain extent, they have been able to sustain the crisis for longer than small companies or startups that inevitably sank without aid from the state. Certainly the uncertainty and tension experienced in Europe has not helped the economic situation. Proactive rather than reactive and somewhat late management would have been needed.

Probably this global crisis will not remove the economic primacy from powers such as China and the USA, which are difficult to unhinge, but we must not forget that they are not the only ones. For example, India is working on low-cost technologies and technological manpower, but also Albania, Georgia and Armenia move towards the future, training young people from new age to new technologies.

In Italy too we need to invest in information technology, technology, financial and economic training and education so that we have the tools to manage this new era in which we found ourselves catapulted.

A tip that gives workers and companies to revive the fortunes of their activities is to start from customer journey, or the process that binds consumer and company. We need to identify potential customers and consumers, and identify the destroyers of our values ​​and competitors, then transforming them into value builders and make a difference.

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