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People of Moondo Interview with Veronica De Angelis

Interview with Veronica De Angelis

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“The R factor” is the protagonist of the special prize promoted by Yourban2030 and the Myllennium Award 2021. It is a “call” for all photographers, who must represent the real “R factor” (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). The winning photograph will become a work of art for Rome, painted in the form of murals. Veronica De Angelis, president of Yourban2030, talks about it.

Architecture, art, street art, now also photography. There are no limits to the forms of urban redevelopment. Where does this choice come from?       

According to the Treccani dictionary, urban redevelopment “designates programs for the recovery and redevelopment of real estate on an urban scale that aim to guarantee the quality and safety of living both from a social and environmental point of view, especially in the most degraded suburbs. These are interventions that, by addressing the pre-existing building heritage, limit the consumption of the territory, safeguarding the landscape and the environment and are attentive to sustainability. " We have chosen Art in all its forms to address current issues related to sustainability, and photography is a form of art; represents for us an important communication tool, a photographer has the ability to know how to see the reality that surrounds us with "different eyes", and is able, through a click, to encourage reflection, to excite, in this specific case thanks to technology of digital mosaic, the image will be transformed into an installation. Permanent able to communicate with the area and we hope to make the neighborhood more beautiful.

In addition to redevelopment, “The R Factor” is above all synonymous with environment and sustainability. How do you expect to find these themes in the photographs?

One of the main characteristics of Nature is that of knowing how to overcome the calamities of regenerating itself and transforming itself, our territory is rich in examples of this phenomenon: abandoned buildings that are swallowed up by greenery and become a refuge for animals, sinking ships that are transformed into marine habitats where marine species find space to shelter and reproduce. But the R factor can also be Human, let's think about the philosophy of the 3 Rs, reuse, reduce and recycle. I hope that this is an exercise in reflection for the young participants in the competition and that through this project they will feel inspired to find an evocative and powerful image that is both beauty and awareness.

A springboard for many young photographers. Yourban 2030 proves to be a friend of young people, as well as of the environment. Do you think this is an important approach?

I think that the participatory approach, especially when aimed at young people, is a fundamental pillar of our philosophy, if we want to build a better future together, young people are our strength, hope and inspiration. .

The project is part of a broader sustainable development strategy for the territory. What are the next steps?

Today we are cultivating various projects, public spaces are always protagonists for us, because we try to combine art, beauty and technology to redevelop the territory. We want to grow and find more and more companies and technologies with which to collaborate and artistic forms with which to communicate our values.

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