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Monday 10 May 2021

Uncomfortable diary It is not fair to continue doing politics with the country on the fence and ...

It is not fair to continue politics with the country on the sidelines and the government engaged in a war against death

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I highly respect Mario Draghi. So much so that I was amazed that, when the government was formed, nobody proposed it as Minister of Economy. Perhaps because it is considered one diminutio for those who managed Bankitalia and ECB. This is the logic of a minor power that Coronavirus has already canceled. Now, however, there is no need for him. We do not know if he is able to support the role of premier in this situation which is more health than economic. Moreover, it would be a slap that Conte does not deserve, having behaved as few others would have known. We will think about the money once saved.

Men and women in love in abstinence crisis and entire families without income

Despite the premier's diligence and commitment, the government has forgotten to indemnify two worthy categories that have always thrived in Italy. It has even been thought of babysitting but not lovers and thieves, poor people locked in the house as moderate and honest people. Shame! Not even with self-certification can they go out, even if they are needs and / or work needs. Their situations are not foreseen by the prevention decree. Three unions have offered to intercede. For heaven's sake, they would aggravate the situation as always.

The body of health at the end of its strength, thousands of dead and dying, threatening the strike is ignoble

Newspapers and talk shows that are expected to be independent are continually on the lookout for the scandal, and hope to find a flaw in government measures. That in this dramatic and particularly difficult moment seems objectively to act in a wise and balanced way. In order to make the debate more interesting and beg for listeners and readers, they forget that they too who direct, write and lead are involved, together with their family members, in the anguish that we are all experiencing. Who knows if sooner or later they will remember what the role of information is.

Even in tragedies to earn are always the same. That's why 25 billion euros seems to be few

I had a strange, completely unreal dream. Instead of workers individually, the state subsidized entrepreneurs, who in turn had to distribute the subsidy to employees. They gave him little money. Many were even laid off. Nothing to those in black who are not on the staff. Yet they are many and must live. The same happened with the African populations and with the Roma. If the many billions of dollars they have received for 70 years from different institutions were personally addressed to them, they would all be rich. Instead I'm always in the shit. The rulers enrich themselves.

Once we were all Charlie Hebdo, now many are Italian

The wheel of life turns like a carousel. Success, if there is merit, sooner or later comes. Covid-19 was needed for the world to recognize the value of our country. But it won't be the only surprise. When the pandemic ends and we return to normal, nothing will be the same as before. After the war - and this is it - the incapable and the braggart disappear. For the reconstruction of the country, which the contagions will destroy economically, it will take the best. The rest of them will disappear. There will be no more room for troublemakers and unwary kids. Such a mournful calamity will perhaps prove providential.

We deluded ourselves that the danger eliminated at least some Italian defects

Coronavirus magic. Fear neutralizes crime, even puts an end to wars and family strife, but not greed, which will survive suffering and grief. While thousands of people are dying, there is nothing but talk of the economic crisis and savings in danger. The stock market is more important than life. To increase the inconvenience perhaps they will also close the petrol stations. Many turn out to be conspiracy theorists. The virus is created in the laboratory by the CIA to spite China or by France and Germany to impoverish us. By creating these ghosts, the Italians forced into the house pass the time.

Even if the epidemic forces us home, we don't read newspapers or weeklies anymore, the print runs are halved

The web also engulfs paper. Many newsstands close. Rather than suggesting creative directors and independent journalists, government action is needed to stop the bleeding of readers. Since there are no ideas, indispensable especially in times of crisis, we resort to banality and scandals. Better yet, go to a party's payroll. The pure publishers of a time whose only interest was sales and advertising are regretted. There are not anymore. In any case, the newspaper serves to support other activities. So the mediocre that can be maneuvered is more appreciated. What does quality matter?

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