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Uncomfortable diary It would be easy to consider yourself better if it depended only on the color of the skin

It would be easy to consider yourself better if it depended only on the color of the skin

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A few years ago in Abidjan I came across a delicious Italian restaurant, just like a Michelin star. How come the author of such delicacy operates in subequatorial Africa and not in Milan, Paris or London? The innkeeper explained to me: “I, southern, here I feel white ". Since then I have always enjoyed immigration from a deeper south than ours. A little for the sense of hospitality and welcome that has always distinguished us, but above all because, helping them, I felt whiter. Now groups of cowards attack them without realizing that, in this way, one becomes more black than they are.

Immigration, immigrants, migrants, refugees

Italians are not so interested in a government that solves problems as they feel the electoral thrill

We are not fans only in sports. We are always passionate about competition, even in politics. Archived the latest election campaigns, others are imminent. We will soon be competing for success in the remaining regions of Italy. The enthusiasm with which we follow the comparisons between parties has led the legislator not to concentrate them all on one election day, but to dilute them in various appointments. Thus the tension always remains alive, expenses increase, newspapers can incite readers and the government devote itself to the search for success, rather than the good management of the country, which we are not very interested in.

If there is to be gained, concrete pours are welcome, patience for the environment

Hundreds of trees are cut in Zagarolo. Sin. It is a precious heritage. Only Ursula Andress is shocked. The other residents adjust to environmental crime. The mayor explains that everything is in order, there are authorizations. The abuse is legitimate. If I throw down a forest in the countryside it is for the development of the territory. The actress continues to repeat that it is a crime. Evidently he is no longer with his head. He believes he is still in Switzerland. He does not realize that it is in Italy, where the misdeeds are accompanied by impeccable documentation. We are thieves - don't you remember, Ursula? - not stupid.

Immigrants are attacked, women are raped and their impotence is unleashed at the stadium

Few copies of the Anne Frank diary are sold. Yet from those innocent words the drama of cruelty and madness breaks out. The appearance here and there of hooked crosses and anti-Semitic writings cannot predict a resurgence of Nazism or of that fascism. Nobody wants to be a spectator of a terrible horror that cannot even be conceived today. Ignorance associated with unconscious anger is likely to create a diversion from the boredom that characterizes this generation. They have almost everything except ideals and feelings. A greater introduction of culture would suffice.

Your Holiness, don't you think the Vatican is too narrow for two Popes?

Francis and his fans expected that, having abdicated for health reasons, Benedict XVI intended to retire to a hermitage to heal and devote himself full time to prayer. Instead, he is in full form and has remained in the Vatican, breathing on the successor's neck. Now together with Cardinal Robert Sarah, 74, Guinean, from the most conservative wing of the clergy, he has even written a book, "From the bottom of our heart". The theme is the celibacy of priests and is treated in an embarrassing way because it is completely opposite to the thought of the Pope in office. Hence the suggestion to get out of the way.

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