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Letter from Laugh not to cry

Laugh not to cry

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In Rome, it should be clarified, the problem is not only the Rays which is also a big problem (!) Because to damage the city the Romans have an important part higher than that of the Tourists. Let's take two hot topics: garbage and traffic.

Garbage in Rome

It is true that the AMA does not dispose of waste, but who produces it? Who deposits open and smelly bags even outside the bins? Who throws American butts and tires on the sidewalks? Who doesn't collect dog droppings? Every now and then the newspapers in the news of Rome publish photos of old disused refrigerators or washing machines abandoned in the streets or even deckchairs, various chairs, armchairs and recently even a sofa: those who have struggled to drag them up there instead of transporting them to the municipal landfill?

A few weeks ago in Via Mengotti, Vigna Clara area, the road better defined via Merdotti because of the excrement of the dogs, a mattress with two squares showed off for several days alongside the bins: the area is inhabited by the so-called "good bourgeoisie" ", But I believe that the" good ", between canine excrement and abandoned mattresses, should be eliminated! And to think that the municipal landfill for the mattress is on the Via Olimpica close to the bridge over the Tiber, that is, no more than five minutes by car.

It is useless to talk about the bottles, cans, plastic bags and various litter that adorn the lawns of all the public gardens and green areas of the city: they testify to the low degree of education and civilization of the inhabitants of all the neighborhoods and the inefficiency of the Giardini Service, dishonor of the Public Administration. In the other large and small cities of our country and beyond the Alps, not to mention overseas, this indecency is not found. Just go to Milan to find a clean and tidy city, but every fifty meters there is a large cylindrical masonry container, lined inside with removable plastic bags, where you can deposit what is left over which are removed several times a day. In Rome someone has counted the analogous iron containers of the entire ZTL and it seems that there are no more than a hundred while in the rest of the city practically zero are available. So Romans and Tourists, if they don't want to eat the entire cone of ice cream or even smoke the filter of cigarettes, they either put them in their pockets or throw them on the ground, on the sidewalk!

Other times we have read and written that the Roman municipal administration, without incurring the ire of the Public Prosecutor's Office, could invest a few thousand euros to personally verify what is happening in other European Capital Cities. This time we propose a cheaper solution: just go to Milan, maybe in the day with the Red Arrow.

Traffic in Rome

A nod to the hilarious comedy of the Romans in traffic. Every day the Newspapers in the Chronicle of Rome give shocking news of public transport: it seems that only 30% of the ATAC fleet of cars, including breakdowns, fires, strikes, diseases, etc., circulate daily only XNUMX%. For the subway, apart from the escalator disasters and accidents, we have to shed quite a few tears: line C, which opened construction sites in time immemorial, is still a "dear friend" with no concrete forecast of the work deadline. Meanwhile, also in Naples they managed to complete two long lines! Therefore, whatever people say, the use of private vehicles in Rome is indispensable and among the many difficulties that are encountered there are those caused by the disproportionate number of huge tourist buses, coming from all over Europe for hit and run tourism, which occupy permanently along the Tiber between Ponte Garibaldi and Ponte Matteotti, as well as the areas adjacent to the places of cultural and hotel interest, regardless of municipal rules and the highway code. And for all this the known fault lies with the Public Administration: Municipality and Participants. But there is more to further uncivilize civilian traffic ...

The car manufacturers do their job by trying to sell more and more expensive cars and to this end they increase their size with each subsequent series of the same models, in this way they correspond to customer loyalty and stimulate their vanity, justifying the price increase. . So the new Smart has increased by 10 cm becoming badly parked sideways, the Twingo Renault has transformed to four doors, the Volkswagen Golf has become a luxury sedan and so on. Goodbye small cars!

SUV: in Rome more and more present, they further clog the already congested traffic. Photo credit: Pixabay

Overall, the private car fleet in Rome, in occupied road surface, has increased by no less than 10% in 20 years, regardless of the increase in the number of vehicles in circulation! There was no circulation before, let alone now, and here the municipal responsibility is only partial. The last but not the least, SUVs are spreading: small trucks for domestic use that do not correspond to a need for transport, but to a need for a status symbol, for those who still believe in it! In the rear seats, the children can play ball and the parents, in the front seats, shorten the distance between them by talking on the mobile phone.

The fifty-year-olds in power, company executives, established professionals, architects, doctors, lawyers, small and large traders, entrepreneurs, politicians, non-performing heirs, etc., build a significant machine park: a motorbike, even with a large engine, a new Smart model, an electric machine if the children are over 16 years old, and finally an SUV (acronym for a sports utility vehicle) of 50, 60 and even 100.000 Euros. Who could thus doubt their economic, professional and social affirmation. Unfortunately sometimes it is an empty box: smoke in the eyes! But compared to their social equivalents of 20 or 30 years earlier, their occupation of urban road surface has almost doubled. 

So far ordinary history. But the farce begins on Monday morning: he, the head of the family, has to go early to the office, studio, court, etc., so he goes out first and uses the Smart or if the weather is good the bike. The rest of the family is condemned to the SUV: mom and children. The poor woman often clinging to the steering wheel tries to extricate herself in traffic, often to better see the road and be seen, puts a sturdy cushion on the seat, but the parking lot becomes an unsuccessful search: the children in front of the school have to get off by themselves and so say running. The husband's holiday satisfaction becomes a working sentence for his wife. Does it happen that the husband of the Rays also has an SUV?

Years ago in Cortina d'Ampezzo, during the Christmas holidays, the Guardia di Finanza stopped all the SUVs, and there were many, for checking documents and tax assessments. From that day for several years those SUVs that occupied streets and parking lots disappeared from the beautiful Venetian town, bringing traffic back to normal. Wouldn't it be the case that the Guardia di Finanza now did the same useful operation in Roma Capitale?

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