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Monday 10 May 2021

Free Thought Let's reform the most beautiful constitution in the world!

Let's reform the most beautiful constitution in the world!

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The Covid19 pandemic with its dramatic effects has given us yet another confirmation of the inadequacy of the current class in charge of the country's public life, not only political but also executive. 
A great mess of illegible, incomprehensible, tortuous, cumbersome, twisted rules written in bad Italian and contradictory among them has given us the measure of the poor quality of the people to whom the government of the country has been entrusted (not by the people). 
The amenities, conflicts, sterile discussions in the context of a plethora of structures, task forces, control rooms, operational units of so-called "experts" have confirmed that the selection of top management suffers from the same evils in terms of competence and professionalism.

Of course, the two phenomena are closely linked: a political class of incompetents chooses as they can, on the basis of their ignorance, the so-called "experts" (nemo dat quod non habet, teaches a Latin brocardo: no one can give what he does not have).
Furthermore, the obligation imposed on the voters to choose their representatives from a list prepared by the party leaders and the political use of justice that removes the most educated, competent and professionally prepared people from the electoral area (leaving it in the hands of young people " of bad hopes "and with an uncertain future (without the" election placement offices) are with very serious causes to be removed promptly.
All this is not enough, however, to make us understand the current cultural degradation. 
Also in this field, the country's greatest evil depends on our fundamental charter and in particular on its article 33, born already malformed and (in that wake) even worse mistreated by the communist Minister of Education, Luigi Berlinguer.
That rule was considered a "must" which the overwhelming majority of the Constituents did not think they could oppose. The subsequent application by the Catholics and the Social Communists only led to the execution of a sentence that condemned to death, since then, the public school and therefore the Italian culture.

Let's see how.

The aforementioned article 33 provided that the ordinary legislator, in establishing the rights and obligations of non-state schools that ask for parity, had to ensure their full freedom and sanction "the equivalence of private school treatment to that of state school pupils".
The abstract formulation of that defined principle of freedom, set in a substantially (though not formally) confessional reality due to the relevant "Guelph" presence in the country, produced (beyond the "liberal" appearance) the monstrum of "diplomificators" , mostly religious and, for the crumbs, civilians, both sources of substantial enrichments for "promotions at the end of the year," granted with "mercantile" criteria (above all at a high price).

 "Failed, catch up the year with us" is a slogan slogan that still appears on posters with large characters, posted in all places of the boot.
In other words, the Italian Republic, with that predominantly "pro-ecclesia" norm marked the end of secular education (so to speak, given the overwhelming prevalence of Catholics even among public school teachers) imparted, at the time, in the schools of the Kingdom of Italy.
To tell the truth, in Italy, culture and science had always been hindered by the presence in our territory of the Vatican and by the supremacy in the teaching sector of the Catholic Church. Parish priests, teachers of faithful observance have always acted as a "filter" to prevent certain readings from opening the minds of individuals, causing them to think for themselves.

The feudal society with its "closures" in the large estates had favored merely ecclesial teaching in the few existing schools.
Unfortunately, even the Renaissance had seen the heads of personalities like Nicolò Machiavelli (reproached as cynical and immoral), Giordano Bruno (burnt alive at Capo dei Fiori in Rome) Galileo Galilei (ended up in prison for having affirmed a truth) scientific) only because they had had in their hands the "De rerum natura" of Lucretius and shared the empiricistic and monistic doctrine of Democritus, Lysippus and Epicurus (also the latter fiercely denigrated already by the academic "scholars" of an imposter this time layman of the 'humanity).

In Italy, not even the echo of the French Revolution had changed things.  
In France it was understood that industrialism at the gates required the change of the teaching system and a different idea of ​​culture, because this redundanted for the benefit of the entire nation.
A higher level of education paid off in the administration of the French res publica and in related activities. Today that country continues to forge trained professionals even as they become highly skilled technocrats at the service of the globalized and "denationalized" financial system. 
In Italy, this does not even happen, at least for large numbers. Education and culture languish completely.

The empty chatter of the Italian "politicians" about school creates fake, artificial screens to hide the real problem which is that of the need to resort to secular, experimental, non-ideological philosophy and culture to cancel from our Constitution that article 33 which has given in the hands of the Church and a few but powerful unscrupulous private speculators ("with the hair on their stomach" according to a popular saying) schools (first only "approved" and then, "equal" and financed by the state) that proved to be true and their own "diplomats" for "donkeys" at a high price (even having the support of taxpayers' money!).
The dismantling of the public school, the scarce attention paid to the education given in those classrooms and, above all, the insufficient funding, were only the consequences of that constitutional choice.

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