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News preview Europe has rejected the Italian maneuver

Europe has rejected the Italian maneuver

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Europe has rejected the Italian maneuver

As expected, Europe has rejected the Italian maneuver. The European Commission has recommended opening an infringement procedure for excessive deficits against Italy. In essence, the Commission concluded that the maneuver presented at the end of September by the Conte government could violate European parameters on debt reduction, and endanger the stability of the national economy. In the statement announcing the decision, the Commission cites among the reasons "the wide gaps between Italy and the debt reduction parameter", "the fact that government plans involve a significant step backwards on past structural reforms aimed at stimulate growth ", and finally" the risk of significant deviation from the adjustment path "agreed in recent months. Replies from government to rejection: Conte says he is "available to evaluate the next steps with Juncker"; Tria says that "the maneuver ensures total control of public accounts" and that "dramatizing the dissent between Italy and the EU damages everyone"; Di Maio: «Brussels will be convinced that the move reduces the debt; Salvini: «Now I'm waiting for Santa's letter» ». In reality Salvini would be willing to cut a few billion from citizenship and audience income, restricting the audience of beneficiaries. Di Maio, for now, although "very worried", disagrees.

In the coming weeks, the Commission's recommendation will be examined by the EU Council which, unless there are surprises, will officially open the infringement procedure between December and January. At that point, the Italian government will have three to six months to remedy it. If it does not, the Council will have to impose economic sanctions (no country has so far ever reached that point).

The Italian volunteer kidnapped in Kenya

Silvia Costanza Romano, 23 years old, from Milan, volunteer of the Africa Milele organization, was kidnapped on Tuesday evening around 20 pm in Chakama, on the southeast coast of Kenya. A group of men armed with machetes and Kalashnikovs broke into the non-profit organization, shooting and seriously injuring even a 12-year-old boy, before slapping, tying and taking away the Roman. There has been no claim yet. It is possible that they are the Somali Shabaab terrorists. The Italian girl, who had already worked a few months in Kenya, had returned to the African country earlier this month for a child support project.

«Silvia's portrait closely resembles the profile of most of the cooperators who leave from Italy. 6.400, armed with a lot of enthusiasm and goodwill, operate in 116 countries. Women are more present with a nice 54%, while the male presence stands at 46%. Of the cooperating women, 86% work abroad, while only 14% choose to stay in Italy; 81% of male operators are engaged in Italy and 19% abroad "[Furlanetto, Sole].


Sardinia, with a million and 650 thousand inhabitants, has 380 centenarians, that is, every centomila inhabitants there are 22 centenarians, while in the rest of the planet the centenarians are counted at 6 every hundred thousand. The thing is studied, especially regarding the length of the telomeres (the terminal part of the chromosomes), there is a data base (AkeA project) that has cataloged the genome of the 380 thousand very old people who live in the 367 municipalities in which the centenarians are more numerous, but however, the mystery was not resolved. However, it has been found that out of 35 thousand Sardinian surnames, those of the centenarians are only 1.200 and that from the reading of the ancient Roman epigraphs (I, II, III century after Christ) it is clear that centenarians were supernumerary even then [ Zoja, Avvenire].

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