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Leafing through the New York Times Lewis is honored on Capitol Hill as part of the "Patriot Pantheon"

Lewis is honored on Capitol Hill as part of the "Patriot Pantheon"

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Leafing through the New York Times of 28/07/2020

Two large photographs, one on the front page with the caption: Farewell to the Capitol. The coffin of Congressman John Lewis in the roundabout on Monday. Nancy Pelosi said it was right for him to join the Pantheon of Heroes. The caption of the second: John Lewis, the civil rights icon, became the first black man to lie in the Capitol rotunda. We have already talked about Lewis and his greatness in the struggle for civil rights and racial equality. At 24 he was already one of Martin Luther King's most active collaborators, participating with him in the famous march on the Selma bridge, where he was injured by the police.


- Back to school disputes soon emerge in a small town in Georgia. The problem of how to reopen schools (with kids in class or with online teaching and kids at home?) Is of course not just of that little town, Jefferson, but of all the school districts. Jefferson went to the front page because she has an earlier start date than the others, this coming Friday, and she decided to go to school, recommending (not making it compulsory) the masks. And controversy has also broken out on this. Finally, we must not forget that, even with the dangers of contagion, parents usually prefer school because it allows them to be free to go to work, while with their children at home they do not know who to leave them with. And they also prefer it because they know it's important for kids to be able to socialize with peers.

-      Beyond 2 Covid studies, big speeches and big plans. Published but withdrawn research leads to doubts about a doctor. A long but inconclusive article on the unproven benefits or harms of medicine Ydroxychloroquine (the one who bragged about taking Trump). The doctor in question, Sapan Desai, a young and brilliant, in his research showed that the use of that type of medicine was seriously harmful, but then the research was suddenly withdrawn, while the controversy over its use continues.

-      Mountains of data, but without "the magic number". In many states the virus continues to expand rapidly and in large numbers, but the death toll is decreasing. The Chicago health officer said, "There are so many numbers flying around that it's impossible for people to know what's the most important thing to follow." The worst thing about this epidemic - as many believe - is precisely the uncertainty about everything.

-      The republican relief plan cuts the extra subsidy for the unemployed. Part of a 1 trillion dollar bill. The Democrats are attacking the plan to reduce the extra benefit from $ 600 to $ 200 a week, knowing that the six hundred a week has been vital to millions of unemployed in the past three months. The battle in parliament will be long and difficult, and in all likelihood not over when the subsidy expires in a few days. Trump supports the reduction, but his favorite plan would have been to cut taxes, a plan almost unanimously rejected by the Republicans themselves. Trump seems to be the only one who does not understand that a decrease in taxes for those who earn nothing, because they have lost their jobs and wages, is of no help.


-      The fate of excess wine. Winemakers in France - sadly - are sending their surplus to another life as a hand sanitizer.

-      Poland is negotiating to leave the European communitynot wanting to accept the European treaty on domestic violence.

-      No longer in business. The epidemic is sweeping away the "anchors" of the New York neighborhoods, which have survived for decades also natural disasters, recessions, the crisis of the Two Towers. Shops run by mum and dad, restaurants, bars, were meeting places for friends and shelters in difficult times.

-      The justice minister will testifyWilliam Barr, one of Trump's most blindly loyal to the point of distorting normal Ministry procedures to favor friends of the president, will testify in parliament for the first time in more than a year.

-      “Hot chair” for Bezos. The richest man in the world, after years of avoiding him, will face a parliament anxious to question him on many different subjects tomorrow Wednesday.

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