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The anthem, the emblem, the flag

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"The year that opens offers several important anniversaries such as the XNUMXth anniversary of the unification of Italy or the seventy-five years of the Republic. From the Risorgimento to the Liberation: the roots of our Constitution. Memory and awareness of our national identity help us to build the future ”.

From the greeting speech for the year 2021 by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella

We felt the duty, as editors of Moondo and as writers, to follow up on the words of the President of the Republic by recalling the history of our Flag, the Emblem of the Republic and the National Anthem which represent the signs of our national identity. The book we present today "The anthem, the emblem and the flag”(Available on the Amazon store) is our contribution to the dissemination of national values.

An identity that has its roots in the culture and history of Italy and which today acquires all the more value in a Europe that will increasingly have to come together to be a protagonist on the world scene. But above all we thought of the young women and children to whom the generation that lived the first season of democracy must pass the baton to preserve and renew it.

March 17 is the date of the proclamation of the Unification of Italy sanctioned by Law no. 222 of 2012 which established it to be the day of national unity, the Constitution, the anthem and the flag.

In the difficult moment that the country is going through, as the President of the Republic has repeatedly warned, a closer cohesion of all citizens is necessary to face and overcome the economic and social consequences of the pandemic that has hit the whole world and our country .

We need to practice the culture of encounter and dialogue to allow different voices to be together, to think, to plan a common future anchoring ourselves to our values, our history, our culture, our national identity.

It is a fundamental choice that cannot be ignored and it is in this context that the day of March 17 takes on a particular meaning this year.
It is a hope that only with the agreement of all can it become a certainty.

the anthem the emblem the flag

We thank Mario Pacelli, Stefano Rolando and Francesco Tagliente for joining this initiative (Editor's note)

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