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Diary of a quarantine Living with covid 19

Living with covid 19

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Di Simona La Porta

May 4: living with the virus
The day started quite well, from 8 in the morning, the sun passing through the blinds gave us hope.
Looking out the window, as I have been doing routinely for two months to find comfort at least on sunny days, I breathed a sigh of relief and was able to breathe a different air in an air that had not been the same for a few months.
With a bit more adrenaline, I spent the first half of the day, with the desire and curiosity to be able to review that environment that for 2 months I could only observe from the balcony of my home.

I finally put on a pair of jeans and gave myself a little sprucing up just like I did until 2 months ago, this time with an extra garment: the mask.
"How strange!" I exclaimed looking at myself in the mirror 3 seconds before opening the door.
Going down the stairs, a single thought whirred in my head, which a little aroused my fear: "Who knows what effect it will make me see my empty country with bars and a few closed shops, but above all to see other people".

In fact, it wasn't all that different from what I imagined!
The streets were empty, no voices could be heard, no sounds of cars or mopeds, it seemed to me that I was walking in a desert, but luckily the beautiful day and the spring air filled that void a little!
A shiver runs through my body as soon as meeting two people I don't know, they suddenly move and try to avoid me!
I am aware of the reasons for these actions, but one cannot help but feel sadness and anguish!

After the walk, I went home, with my mind confused and blurred, and with triple the thoughts!
Unfortunately, this terrible fight against the still unknown enemy has not come to an end, but it is known that after the storm the clouds will disappear, and gradually the stars will return!

So we must arm ourselves with strength and courage and we must never stop hoping, because # will go all right!

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