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The pleasure of the senses The onomathomancy

The onomathomancy

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It is the art that in ancient times included the divination of a person's future through the anagram of his name. Famous examples could be valid proof of the reliability of this art. It is certainly a legend that attributes the answer to Pilate's question to Christ Quid est veritas (what is the truth?): est vir qui adest! (he is the man here!). Also in Latin was composed the anagram Divus Marcus Evangelista = sum vigil ad venetas curas and again, in honor of Horatio Nelson it was taken from his name honor east to Nile (the honor derives from the Nile), with close reference to the victory that the "Baron of the Nile" had achieved at Aboukir.

A ball was organized for Stanislaus I returning to his homeland, in which thirteen pages, each representing a letter from the sentence domus lecsinia (house of Lissia), presented themselves successively in various order allowing the reading of various anagrams, all significant for the occasion:

Ades incolumis (you are here unharmed)
omnis es lucida (you are all shining)
glossy sis omen (be a splendid omen)
mane sidus loci (remains the star of the country)
sis columna Dei (be the pillar of god)
i, scande solium (go, ascend the throne).

The name of the daughter of Lorenzo the Magnificent and queen of France, Cathérine de Médicis, gave rise to the terrible combination chaîne dite de crimes, while the Dominican friar assassin of Henry III, Frère Jacques Clément, says of himself unequivocally c'est l'enfer qui m'a creé.

Andreas Rudigerius, physician in Leipzig, when he discovered that Dignus arare rus Dei (worthy to plow the field of God) was the anagram of his name, he left his profession and began the study of theology, becoming a priest.

The French magazine Alloy years ago he dedicated a whole number to Galileo Galilei. Apart from the serious discourse on the scientist and the modernity of his method, it was said that the title of the magazine was the anagram of 'Galilee', which came to represent a sort of patronage. And that's not enough, since Le Savant Flou (so the author of the article was signed) tended to demonstrate - between the serious and the facetious - Galilei's predestination to the science of the stars precisely by virtue of his name: in Hebrew 'galil' refers to the idea of ​​circumference, of rotation. And if the name is doubled as in the case of Galileo Galilei, then the reference to spheres, orbits, circular movements, is even more evident ... It may seem a stretch, but it is nothing if you think of what the divination of a person's future through the anagram of his name.

Numerous, then, are the examples in Italian:

Stefano Protomartire = dead saint among stones
Girolamo Savonarola = went up to the Roman stake
Benedetto Cairoli = hero surrounded by beauty

Appoint sunt rerum and for Ennio Peres the name anagrams were daily bread: Enrico Montesano had Enrico Montesano say, in Roman dialect, I am known in cinema. And again, according to Peres, there was one for Aldo Biscardi boat of money, Paolo Maldini tame the balls, Massimo Ranieri is readmitted to Rai and Enrica Bonaccorti what can you do? It's natural: kisses competitors. Certainly amusing appear these other examples, chosen from many, linked to characters of culture or entertainment:

Carlo Bernari = tells us about the orbe
Antonello Trombadori = known daring in the shadows
Mario del Monaco = full of harmonies
Michele Prisco = whoever received prizes
Antonio de Curtis = induces a lot of laughter
Sofia Loren = sun among us
Alberto Sordi = star of the brìo

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