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Thursday 6 May 2021

Today The EU will revise its GDP estimate downwards (from + 0,7% to + 0,4%)

The EU will revise its GDP estimate downwards (from + 0,7% to + 0,4%)

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On 20 November the commission will pronounce on the maneuver but today it will revise Italy's GDP lower for next year. The gross domestic product is expected to increase by 0,4%, against the previous estimate of 0,7%. Always better than 2019 estimated at + 0,1%.



Rain and thunderstorms over most of the North and South, and snow over the Alps. Sun and some clouds on the Center. Decreasing temperatures.


Al Senate urgent information from the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli on the ArcelorMittal-Ilva case.


Francesco Renga is at the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona, Gianni Morandi at the Duse Theater in Bologna, the Banco del Mutuo Soccorso at the Brixia Forum in Brescia, Riccardo Sinigallia at the Municipal Theater Ferdinando Bibiena a Sant'Agata Bolognese (Bologna), Enrico Nigiotti at the Teatro Tenda in Arezzo, Fabrizio Bosso at the Teatro dell'Arte in Milano, Coez at the Mandela Forum in Firenze; Jethro Tull are at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Roma, Jennifer Gentle at the Circolo della Musica of Rivoli (Turin), Noemi, the Tiromancino and Gigi D'Alessio at the Civic Theater of La Spezia.

Today on the front page

• Unicredit says goodbye to Mediobanca: it sells its stake of 800 million in an hour
• Ilva, Arcelor asks for five thousand redundancies. For the government it is unacceptable
• Vote punishes Trump: Democrats win in Virginia and Kentucky
• There is no fiancée at Luca Sacchi's funeral
• The infant with a rare disease abandoned in the hospital
• Counter-order, the anti-abandoning seats required immediately
Libya is ready to review the Memorandum on migrants
• For the massacre of Mormons in Mexico, an investigation is underway on the Jaguares narcos of the Sinaloa cartel
• The wife of al-Baghdadi also captured
• Record strike for British railways: 27 days in December
• Burnt cabin in Rome, lightning strike in Lodi: trains on tilt throughout the central north
• Fabiola Gianotti has been confirmed at the helm of Cern. It had never happened before
• It was thought of a hijacking but instead the commander had pressed the wrong button
• Milan gives the escort to Liliana Segre
• The Roman Sheep electric bookshop, which was to reopen tonight, was set on fire again. The latest fire dates back to April
• Catherine Deneuve has had a stroke but is not serious
• Michelin 2020 guide, Enrico Bartolini new three-star Italian
• Champions, a feat by Douglas Costa at the end of the day gives victory and qualification to Juventus
• Atalanta equalized with Manchester 1 to 1. For the round of XNUMX there is still hope
• Napoli players mutiny, De Laurentiis denounces them
• Paralympics, the Italian standard-bearer is positive for doping.

Thousands of Mexicans cross the Texas border every morning to sell their blood. Each donation is paid 40 euros. Some manage to earn up to $ 400 in a month. The only necessary condition is to have a Visa temporal, a temporary stay permit that allows you to stay in the US for a few days, and thus sell your blood several times a week. In the past year, 76.020 children and adolescents without parents have arrived at the border between the United States and Mexico. It is 52% more than in 2018 and the highest number ever recorded [Elena Molinari, Avvenire].

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