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News preview Macron wants to change Schengen

Macron wants to change Schengen

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«At the Perthus pass, in the Pyrenees, French President Emmanuel Macron said he will present the first proposals for a re-foundation of the Schengen area at the December European Council. “We need to rethink the Schengen organization and intensify our common border protection, with a real security police at the external borders”. The declared objective is to arrive at a new regulation of the common European space under the French presidency of the EU, in the first half of 2022.

"France is one of the main countries of arrival of secondary immigration" when migrants rejected from one country enter another, "and I deeply want the rules of the game to be changed". The French president also announced the doubling of the forces at the borders of France which will increase from 2.400 to 4.800 agents.

In recent days, controversy has erupted in France because the terrorist who last Thursday killed three people by stabbing in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice is a Tunisian who landed in Lampedusa, Italy, and then managed to reach France to commit the 'attack' [Montefiori, CdS].

F1 will race at night in Saudi Arabia

Starting next year, Jeddah will host the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. In November, the port city of three and a half million inhabitants overlooking the Red Sea will race at night. Saudi Arabia will become the thirty-third country to have hosted at least one F1 GP.

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