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Uncomfortable diary Massacre of elderly at the Pio Albergo Trivulzio where 28 years ago he was born ...

Massacre of elderly people at the Pio Albergo Trivulzio where tangentopoli was born 28 years ago and the first republic died

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There are those who define our system demofregatura because, despite freedom of expression and the protection of rights, democracy is full of flaws. So far - said Sandro Pertini - we have not found a better one. Let's be satisfied with this. The alternative is dictatorship, which would not be bad, since bridges don't collapse and houses are solid. Except that justice depends on the opinions of those in power and often the truth is also hidden because everything must appear perfect. As in China that Coronavirus was denied and in the retirement home where guests died without proper treatment.

Only with a sense of responsibility and respecting the quarantine can contagion be curbed

It's a war. Let's not underestimate the pandemic. The difference is that we need to take shelter from the virus instead of bombs, not fines. Deaths are a sign of the danger we all run. Mostly older men and few women. You must be afraid. Minimizing is stupid. In these moments, leisure, productivity and money go into the background. If you can't read, watch TV. Those who survive will enjoy making money in a few months. For now, let's watch the curfew and think about saving ourselves. Idiots joke about us, jackals speculate on us, just like in wartime.

In the next decree there will be more serious penalties, but not fines or prison terms

Unfortunately, the authorities found that infringements of the ban on leaving their homes and the obligation to stay in quarantine are increasing exponentially. In fact, idiots fear neither contagion nor, even less, sanctions, which, being now in excessive numbers, cannot even be notified or executed. Certifications and other bureaucratic rules are unnecessary. That is why a more convincing measure is being studied by the Council of Ministers, which will be immediately enforceable. Even in the interest of offenders, the police will tread their asses.

There was a time when it was surprising that Moggi and Mario Chiesa were not also in parliament

This Italy without memory is surprised that the young Foreign Minister is going to receive the masks from China at Fiumicino - if not, who does the whole day at the Farnesina? - and that that of Justice is not concerned with contagion in prisons. We have already forgotten that they were elected because they could not take any more of the rascals who haunted the Chamber and the Senate. Many were expelled for unworthiness. Today there are guys who lack experience but are no longer ignorant and inefficient than their predecessors. At least they are not getting rich as they used to be

Only Macron has understood that the ancestral Uber Alles has risen, and that destroying Europe is not the solution

Germany again, as in 1914 and 1939. As always in history. They are defeated but then they rise again. With the help of Europe and solidarity of the citizens, they equated the mark of the territories occupied by the Soviets with the good one. They are certainly the best because they obey without arguing or understanding. But they have the instinct to attack others. Some time ago with weapons, today with the economy, while the usual subversive noises can be heard in the background. Orban & C. are far behind politically, as is Holland. Without realizing it, they play the German game. It is enough for us to quarrel among the poor.

Thousands of billions of dollars have also been paid to Africans, who, who knows why, are getting poorer and poorer

Ccould he ever foresee that so many billions would suddenly rain down from Heaven? Europe lends some to us, many more guarantees the state to banks that will lend them to businesses. And if, as most often happens, they do not return them, we will have to pay them. Covid-19 proved to be providential. Too bad that, even in tragic moments that should not evoke controversy but solidarity, instead of rejoicing and celebrating, the politicians quarrel like in a suburban condominium. Who knows if at least part of this money will really end up in the pockets of the workers.

France pretends to be the home of democracy and human rights, but suspicion arises that it is not

They managed to make us believe it. Today, thanks to Coronavirus, the sad truth is discovered. How many bluffs the epidemic will make us discover. Apparently they found the vaccine in Paris. It works well on animals. But it is not yet known what effects it has on mankind, whether total protection or worsening. After long meditation, the team of scientists was enlightened. The solution is brilliant. They would like to try it in Africa, where it seems that the people are halfway between the beasts and man. The one against AIDS is being tested on prostitutes, another species for the French not really human.

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