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Idea-Action Matteo and Luigino divided a little

Matteo and Luigino divided a little

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On the eve of the elections of 27 May for the European Parliament, the five-star movement and the league with their respective political leaders Di Maio and Salvini show every day that they disagree on many things, chosen according to a precise scheme that relies on the belly rather than on the brain Italians.

If now the topic of illegal immigration appears to be a bit out of fashion as a topic for seeking consensus, Salvini always has the backing of a new security decree-law, if the flat tax seems unworkable because it is too much expensive for public finances, it can fall back on differentiated regional autonomies, in spite of the inhabitants of the southern regions who still show that they believe that the league will solve their problems.

On the opposite side, for the grillini to which the income of citizenship has not given the results repeatedly advertised, there is always the flag of public morality to be waved, while as regards the change in public administration, the management of the Municipality of Rome, which will use Israeli buses with German registration for urban transport because they cannot be registered in Italy as they are polluting and with all due respect to the air pollution in Rome.

We must make people forget, on the eve of the elections, the mistakes made, the broken promises, the glaring contradictions between what is said and what is done: nothing better than throwing the ball forward, indicating new goals, presenting the government ally as the enemy to be knocked down, accentuating the paradox of understanding in the majority government and opposition at the same time, with a continuous exchange of roles to deceive the voters and pull as many fish into the electoral network as possible.

By Maio Salvini
Di Maio Salvini, is it to be trusted? Photo credit: Formiche.net

Can the voters pretend they are not aware of the game of the fake quarrels? Could they ignore that "these here" must absolutely be stopped before they destroy what is left of democracy in our country?

Di Maio and Salvini know very well that if this government falls, they will no longer come back together to govern: the political balance is changing, the five stars are in sharp decline and the league already predicts a less favorable result than that hoped for just a month ago . They will try to resist and continue to govern well knowing that there are probably new elections around the corner of the government crisis: getting them back to their homes will not be easy and next Sunday's vote can be a push in this regard.

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