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Free Thought The salvation of the state is the supreme law (Salus rei publicae suprema ...

Salvation of the state is the supreme law (Salus rei publicae suprema lex esto)

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Addressing the problems of the developing pandemic in a newspaper article is difficult in any area where the infection is present. The nature of the Coronavirus is still indecipherable and substantially unknown for its effects over time, the conspiracy, catastrophic fake news overlap each other and so on.

In Italy it becomes almost impossible. The questions multiply exponentially:

  • Will the Italians be under so-called "house arrest" until April XNUMX or July XNUMX?
  • Will there be a stabilizing stop in the formulation of the self-certification models or will it be an endless work in progress?
  • Will the food industries needed to give food remain open or closed?
  • Will the super-markets be supplied or will we have to "hunt" wild boars that crowd around the garbage bins to feed themselves, offering themselves, as a compact pile, an easy target for beginners?
  • Are the data on contagion, healing and deaths true or false?
  • Does the state or region control?
  • If first-world foreigners find the borders barred, do immigrants aboard non-governmental organizations find ports open or closed?
  • Who can buy masks, oxygen cylinders and anything else necessary to contain the epidemic, or must make regular races with the methods devised by our grandparents?
  • Will mobile Italians continue to exchange messages, cartoons, jokes, advice, suggestions or will they just have to meditate and gather in prayer?
  • Will the idea of ​​Eurobonds or MES loan-taking prevail?
  • And finally: after the Witch Hunt, will the Italian people, like Diogenes, be allowed to search for a Mandrake with a lantern (Are there six Mandraches? The Romans of Rome ask a person of great charisma and power)?

The problems are many and there is no one to turn to for answers. In order to read the kilometric decrees of the government, it takes longer than the estimated time for the pandemic.
A useful thing could be to re-read the History that you want to be Magistra vitae (Master of life).

The Romans of the Republic, before their lives were disrupted by Jewish and Christian immigration (with life customs that were not to be very different from those of today's Muslims: see absolutely on Netflix "The Caliphate", a beautiful Swedish serial, because very instructive) they based themselves a lot, for the solution of their problems, to reason, logic, experimentation, pragmatism. Unlike their descendants of the Empire, if they were hit by a calamity they did not trust in the Prayer of Jewish Rabbis or Christian Priests or even less in a Magic Idea useful for the solution of their problems, but they understood that also a plurality of decision-making centers regularly elected (two consuls and the Senate) they could be too many to exercise a summum imperium and nominated (dicebant) a dictator (precisely from dictus, nominated) who lasted six months, as required by their Constitution, and had the specific task to face the emergency.

Roman dictator
The Roman dictator (precisely from dictus, appointed) lasted six months, as required by their Constitution, and had the specific task of dealing with the emergency.

We in continental Europe, who according to authoritative intellectuals would have lost our Greco-Roman roots and acquired the Judeo-Christian ones, today we can only rely on the prayer of the Chief of the Rabbis or of the Pope (and, of course, of the whole large group of Cardinals, Bishops and Parish Priests) to obtain from God the end of the reigning confusion among the elect of the people.

According to very authoritative opinions, there would be nothing else to do. And this, even if the Italian people, despite the support offered to the current government by interested (to our misfortunes) European partners (especially Germany and France) or from other continents (China, for example, in view of future business), has now fully aware that those who administer it no longer enjoy any popular favor (votes close to zero, such as our economic growth), especially after insipidity, improvisation, apocalypse, of which it has given ample and repeated demonstration in management of the coronavirus emergency.

Two thousand years of conditioned and never free thought have "immunized" the Italians, if not against pathogens, against the irrationality of politicians: they suffer everything as asymptomatic carriers of the virus of the worst government in the civilized world.

It is probable, therefore, that the Italians' bad luck will not end when the sun comes up in other countries that use reasoning. It is only to be hoped that, in such a chaos, once the witch hunt is over, the Dragons can be rescued.

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