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Letter from Mayors, seagulls and wild boars

Mayors, seagulls and wild boars

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Dramatically we must take note that we cannot continue to speak ill of the Mayor Raggi, because it is like shooting the Red Cross. The same goes for his Roman party. Marino did better, which no one regrets, and the PD of the time that had the courage to put an end to that disaster. Not even Grillo, who founded his movement on the war against the incapable powerful, is no longer able to govern the Roman tragedy, or perhaps he does not want to. He acknowledged that governing is different from contesting and if the contestation can also be done with a gang of kids as long as they can scream, the same gang is not suitable for operational tasks where political and professional skills are needed.

To understand us, there was evidence of the nine, that is the sensational failure of the Grillini in the administrative elections. A party that should govern the country, not only did not bring its candidates to success or to the ballots, but even sensationally lost the cities it had conquered in the previous lap, such as Livorno and Civitavecchia. People understood and changed their way. Grillo is out, perhaps he realized in time that beyond the contestation he has the theater, always better than solitude.

Therefore it is useless to fire on the Rays. There is no doubt that for her it is desirable to return to the legal profession, to the Previti studio, to the recovery of the ASL's credits. Better to hide after the fool: Marrazzo fled to Israel, Marino to America, Polverini hid in Parliament, perhaps in search of an annuity for old age. Alemanno more than a hiding place is looking for a role because the annuity already has it!

Meanwhile, the city is submerged in waste. Once it was said that in Rome the mice had won, so big and numerous, now undoubtedly the seagulls have won and have discovered that fishing in the bins is less tiring than that in the sea and in the river: following the Tiber they have occupied the neighborhoods riparian of the city, but the bravest have climbed the hills.

Hard life for non-EU citizens and gypsies who rummaged in the bins, today there are guard gulls and they are fierce with their sharp and sharp beak. We will have to warn the Minister of the Interior because another security decree will be needed!

Seagulls in the city

Meanwhile, the pigeons have disappeared because they understood that with the seagulls it was a lost game. And even the flocks, which filled the tree-lined areas with guano, must have changed their course. Instead on the outskirts of the city wild boars have appeared, whole families, mothers with the little ones who stop the traffic and destroy the fence nets. The hunt is closed, those who shoot wild boar in recent months risk serious penalties, high fines, the seizure of the weapon.

According to safety decrees, it is better to shoot on thieves, even if unarmed and less ferocious than wild boars! But where will we end up at this step?

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