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The black sheep Milan: Al Mercato, Restaurant - Gourmet Hamburger

Milan: Al Mercato, Restaurant - Gourmet Hamburger

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After evaluating the burger bar proposal for years, this year we decided to try the restaurant offer, separated from the first by the central view kitchen. The menu is rather streamlined and is told in a large sheet with accurate graphics: you can order it on the menu or opt for one of the 3, 5 and 8-course tasting courses. The wine proposal is not very extensive, but well studied, with the possibility of being advised by the skilled dining manager about the best match.

Our dinner began with the homage of a bowl of tongue and pork ears and of goose ham with grated foie gras torchon, followed by an excellent hot baguette to accompany with Normandy butter and Maldon salt: a real drug! The vegetarian # 1 based on asparagus, parmesan, saffron and parsley offered in different consistencies is very balanced for a truly remarkable result. Excellent, then, the foie gras torchon flanked by a sorbet to cleanse the palate and a taste of Sauternes to honor the most classic of combinations. To continue, the ravioli del cotinino plin served with fondue of Castelmagno and crumble of gremolada, which would have benefited from an acid contribution to lighten the whole. Very remarkable, to finish the pigeon, cooked to perfection and with the thigh choreographically served with the paw, unfortunately set on a too pungent and aggressive Bernese sauce, followed by a rightly light dessert and good acidity composed of blueberries, white chocolate, sablè and cuttlefish ink, and from a well-extracted although not very complex coffee.

Milan: Al Mercato, Restaurant - Gourmet Hamburger

Ultimately a really positive experience, with the only small notes for some items that increase the cost from dinner - see the € 4 required for water and the same for the service - and for a kitchen that has great possibilities, but it seems to choose paths already drawn not daring as much as it could.

At the Market: environment

The restaurant is housed in a small room, actually a little dark, and is able to accommodate just over 10 customers. The possibility of eating on the “facing” shelf in the kitchen sitting on high and comfortable stools is nice.

Service: Prepared, courteous and friendly.

Rating 4,5/5

Market, Via Sant'Eufemia, 16 - Milan. Telephone 02/87237167

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Milan"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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