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The black sheep Milan: Biancolatte, ice cream, kitchen, coffee and shop

Milan: Biancolatte, ice cream, kitchen, coffee and shop

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Milk has the flavor of the morning and from Biancolatte (bar, bistro, ice cream shop, pastry shop, accessories and food shop) they give it the right honor. From 7.30 (but on the weekend from 8) the offer is very rich starting from coffee, milk and chocolate to combine for breakfast with anything it does to your taste: from croissants with classic fillings, with jams and ricotta, to those in a vegan version with spelled flour and various fillings and savory ones with more flavors.

Then muffins, pastries, grandmother's cakes, many biscuits and even bread, butter and jam, fruit salads and yogurt; all baked every morning and almost all of own production (with the exception of dairy products). During our breakfast we pampered ourselves with a delicious, full-bodied cappuccino with soft and compact foam accompanied by a surprisingly soft vegan croissant, peeled and tasty and prepared with oil and spelled flour well stuffed with blueberry jam; even the coffee was well extracted, with a pleasant acidity, fruity and soft on the palate.

Milan: Biancolatte, ice cream, kitchen, coffee and shop
Milan: Biancolatte, ice cream, kitchen, coffee and shop

Biancolatte: environment

In shades of milk between white and beige, the restaurant is small but well divided into spaces, with a large display counter. Well-kept and tidy, it transmits relaxation and generates a good mood. The on-site laboratory allows you to observe the daily production.

Service: Solar, precise, fast.

Rating 3,5/5

White milk, Via Filippo Turati, 30 - Milan. Telephone 02/62086177

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Milan"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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