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The black sheep Milan: 28 places restaurant

Milan: 28 places restaurant

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This restaurant, led by the good chef Marco Ambrosino, confirms a valid address, offering Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and purely with seasonal ingredients; not surprisingly, in fact, the menu changes frequently. In addition to the à la carte choice, tasting courses and a three-course lunch menu (available only for lunch) are available.

For our verification we opted for the latter, which allows us to include it in the lunch time and consider it among the best tasty breaks in the city. Also very interesting is the wine list which contains mostly natural or biodynamic labels, small productions not well known with the correct markups. After being greeted by a tasty homemade loaf and tonda iblea cultivar oil served in a bowl at the table, we tasted the small welcome offered by the kitchen: an infusion of Marsala, capers and thyme oil, a tomato focaccia with miso mayonnaise filling and tomato powder on top, a fake olive filled with tonda iblea oil, sambuca and orange oil and a macaron of almond flour and anchovy butter, with a pleasant sweet / savory contrast.

Immediately afterwards it was the turn of “le orme del gabbiano”, two tasty seaweed fritters served with a fennel mayonnaise that reproduced the bird's footsteps, and the intense San Marzano tomato grilled with lemon, almond cream and truffle black. Intensity and persistence are also found in the excellent fish and chicory “strong soup” propellers, where the pasta al dente was flavored with a restricted fish and chicory cut on top.

Meat tenderloin, "sea ash" and fermented beans, where the latter added nothing to the dish. In closing, a good non-alcoholic infusion of herbs and small pastries, indeed not particularly incisive.

Milan: 28 places restaurant
Milan: 28 places restaurant

28 Places: environment

The renovation of the room was carried out by the prisoners of the Bollate prison and the tables, chairs and wardrobes of the restaurant derive from the carpentry workshop that was started by the Liveinslums Onlus Ong association within the prison. The atmosphere as a whole is essential and cared for; in summer, then, there is also a quiet outdoor area set up on the road that leads directly to the Navigli.

Service: Courteous even if a little too mannered.

Rating 4/5

28 places, Via Corsico, 1 - Milan. Telephone 02/8392377

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