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The black sheep Milan: The place of Aimo and Nadia

Milan: The place of Aimo and Nadia

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We find ourselves in front of one of the sacred monsters of Italian catering, a place that has over 50 years of history and has become the standard-bearer of the research cuisine of our country. Crossing the threshold of this elegant restaurant located in a suburban area of ​​Milan, you can breathe everything. Every detail is taken care of at the highest levels, starting from a well-stocked wine list organized in an original way by characteristic of the wine, opened by a rich proposal by the glass.

The menu - in addition to the possibility of ordering à la carte - includes 3 tasting courses - the 5-course "grand tour of Italy", the 10-course "delights of the place" and the 10-course "territories" with ingredients rare and precious - to better appreciate the style in the kitchen of chefs Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini. The welcome is as you expect it in a place like this, with a thousand carineries: for this reason, we were sorry to see us offer bubbles with the formula "welcome" without first seeing the relevant card and therefore the cost. The only stumbling block for an otherwise perfect experience, which began with a delicious chickpea cream with hazelnut praline and mixed salad, followed by a cooked and stuffed mussel with ricotta, original and tasty.

Milan: The place of Aimo and Nadia
Milan: The place of Aimo and Nadia

Time to taste the varied and valid bread basket accompanied by an excellent oil poured into the cup, and off with the first course, the excellent "Burrata" of Taleggio della Valsassina with late Treviso radicchio, Milan chicory, beetroot and horseradish, followed by the stockfish Ragno creamed with extra virgin olive oil, served in a crisp ravioli of Matera bread with white turnip in apple vinegar, a dish with all the components in harmony, delicate and at the same time incisive on the palate. Impossible, coming here, not to taste a simple dish that has made the history of the place: Benedetto Cavalieri's durum wheat spaghettoni with fresh onion and chilli pepper with a drizzle of oil and Ligurian basil, with pasta cooked to perfection and a spicy note dosed with rare skill. It remains on very high levels with the mountain veal rump in Cetara anchovy sauce with Creazzo cabbage, with its cooking base that created an explosion of flavors in the mouth thanks to the union with the sauce.

Close up with the tirami-sud, a yoghurt and mascarpone cream, placed on a coffee biscuit, with bergamot ricotta and Pantelleria capers candied with honey, followed by a cup of Gianni Phrases well made chosen from the coffee menu - Guatemala N - good but that did not justify the asking price.

The place of Aimo and Nadia: environment

It doesn't feel like you're in a restaurant, but in an art gallery. The works on the walls, in fact, as well as the statues on the tables, are part of the in-Assenza project by the artist Paolo Ferrari, for an intriguing and classy ensemble, with the covers well spaced.

Service: Another strong point of the restaurant. The maître Nicola Dell'Agnolo coordinates the prepared waiters with great savoir-faire, ensuring that the service flows perfectly without being pressing.

Rating 5/5

The place of Aimo and Nadia, Via Montecuccoli, 6 - Milan.

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Milan"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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