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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Today Milan: Gaetano Triggiano "Real Illusion" - Concerts: Elisa in Turin

Milan: Gaetano Triggiano “Real Illusion” - Concerts: Elisa in Turin

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Appointments today: Art

Museum of Rome in Trastevere - Exhibition “Memory of Peru. Photographs 1890 - 1950". From April 5th to May 26th. The story of the transformation of a country through the images of its most significant photographers.

Milano - Cloister in via Rovello: Emma Dante, “The escort“, Until April 14th. Emma Dante reinterprets one of the most famous novels from Lo cunto de li cunti, the collection with which, in the seventeenth century, Giambattista Basile created a masterpiece of Italian and world literary tradition.

Assago - Gaetano Triggiano Moon Theater “Real Illusion“, Illusion beyond your eyes. A fascinating and engaging journey to discover the very essence of illusionism.

Milano Art Week 'If O Amor Faz Revolutionary': until April 7 the exhibition at Pac Eventi in Milan. Extended opening until 22:30 with special reduced ticket from 18.

Gaetano Triggiano
Assago - Teatro della Luna Gaetano Triggiano "Real Illusion"

Some concerts today

Alessandra Amoroso: Trieste, Allianz Dome. Elisa: Turin, Auditorium del Lingotto G. Agnelli. Gazelles: Padua, Geox Grand Theater. Kolors (the): Rome, Largo. Nada: Segrate, Circolo Magnolia. Thegiornalisti: Florence, Nelson Mandela Forum.


Shaban by Erika Cotza, genre: Romantic, Suspense. A story of action, courage and twists that will leave you breathless. A story in which everything is lawful. Except falling in love.
Ancona, at the Auditorium of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in via S. Schiavoni, presentation of the book: “Vision and courage. Stories of the Marches in the sprint”, By Emanuele Lodolini.

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