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Tuesday 11 May 2021

The black sheep Milan: Joia, vegetarian restaurant

Milan: Joia, vegetarian restaurant

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Confirmation of vote for the first (and only) vegetarian restaurant in Italy that has won a Michelin star for years: Joia. Quality raw materials elaborated with creativity and with an attentive eye also to the aesthetics of the dish. If in the evening a dinner is not an expense for all budgets, for lunch you can try the kitchen at a more advantageous price: 3 courses of your choice from the evening menu at € 40, or the "square" dish at € 25 which is made up of 5 tastings, water and coffee included in the price.

We tried the latter, starting with the tasty first course which was a barley creamed with cream of turnip greens and beets with lemon scent, penalized in part by the diced pepper placed on top which went to slightly cover the overall flavor. Following a fresh pinzimonio of winter vegetables with soy yogurt sauce, a semifreddo with artichokes and baked potatoes with crescenza cream and paprika and raspberry contrast, with a little defined flavor. In closing, a delicious persimmon and ginger muffin, followed by a properly extracted coffee and a thick and persistent cream.

Milan: Joia, vegetarian restaurant (facebook.com)

As always very good the bread served, on request, with quality extra virgin olive oil and in the standard bottle. On the drinking side, the wine list is well structured, with important presences with medium-high markups.

Joia: environment

After passing the first room occupied by the bistrot, you enter the first real room of the starred restaurant; going up the steps leads to another room with the partially open kitchen. The decor is essential and elegant, with well-sized and set tables.

Service: Kind and precise.

Rating 4,5/5

Joia, Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18 Porta Venezia - Milan. Telephone 02/29522124

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Milan"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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