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Monday 10 May 2021

News preview Minimum salary? Only bankers exceed 9 euros!

Minimum salary? Only bankers exceed 9 euros!

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«Considering the monthly hourly wages (therefore net of holidays, thirteenth and fourteenth), the minimums of all contracts of the main categories (except the bank and a few others) are below the threshold of 9 euros imagined by Di Maio for the so-called wages minimum. According to the calculations of the Di Vittorio Foundation, for example, chemical workers receive a minimum of 8,8 euros, metal workers of 7,58 and employees of supermarkets of 7,64. By adding the differentiated wages (not the severance indemnity collected upon leaving the company), on the other hand, the majority of hourly wages exceed the threshold: from € 12,47 for food workers to € 9,88 for metalworkers. 9% of employees remain under 22 euros, or around 3 million workers. In addition of course to those who escape the radar, because in black or with a "pirate" contract. It is on these 3 million workers that the effect of the minimum wage should therefore be calculated.

Average hourly wage for metalworkers: € 7,58

According to Istat, without a price transfer, the burden for companies would be 4,3 billion euros, while the state would have to pay 698 million more salaries. For the public research body Inapp (ex Isfol) it rises to 6,7 billion, while the Order of labor consultants, which also adds domestic and agricultural workers (but not state workers), estimates a + 20 % to 5,5 billion »[Patucchi, Rep.].

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