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Uncomfortable diary Most of the time, wickedness arises from stupidity and ignorance

Most of the time, badness arises from stupidity and ignorance

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In a hotel in Frosinone a family is rejected when the manager finds out that one of the children is autistic. While in Naples a pupil suffering from the same disease is excluded from school play. No foreclosure, however, for the prefect of Cosenza investigated by bribery, nor for the many corrupt in double-breasted competing with the mafias. If the society were more populated by autistic people, there would be no attacks, no accidents or even misunderstandings. These guys, in fact, avoid contact with others. But fools believe that molesting. Yet once the Italians were good people?


We are not parasites, we prefer work and freedom to privileges

Harry and Megan bid farewell to the family, the boredom of Buckingham Palace and the authority of a grandmother who never pampered her grandchildren. It is their Brexit, the exit from England, from a rich prerogative that nobody deserves, from a life without enthusiasm or passion. Having married a free woman, instead of being kept by birthright, he is now spurred on to work and create. Because that's how you live to try to be happy. The mother should have done it, who today would be almost sixty years old and alive. At court they didn't take it well. Aren't they going to have an accident too?

We earn too much, we should pay more taxes

This is the appeal of Bill Gates, one of the rare billionaires in contact with his conscience. He admits he doesn't know what to do with so much money. Despite the problems facing the global economy, 2019 has been particularly generous with thousands of Scrooges around the world who own tens of millions of dollars. Over the past twelve months, their capital has increased by 25%. It means that crises affect only the poor people. While when there is a recovery in consumption and a greater circulation of money, it is understood that it ends up only in the pockets of those who already have a lot and keep it tight.

Now we throw the coins to Di Maio, but one day we will regret it too

As long as we go to oil there will be conflicts. Then we will find other opportunities to kill ourselves. Peace and friendship among peoples depend not only on those who govern us but above all on us. If we get behind the wheel after drinking or sniffing, if we take possession of what does not belong to us, if we hate who is different, we also start a war against the weak. Italy, Europe and the UN are helpless. They can only use the common sense weapon. But they serve no purpose in harmony with the unhealthy ambitions and atupid lust for power of those who own nuclear weapons. Why then do we fools applaud?

There are still many children who do not know the lightheartedness of childhood

I remember what the fear of bombing and hunger was like today. The food was registered and the rations were scarce and tasteless. Something good was found on the black market, which, however, cost a lot. My parents put money aside to buy a loaf of white bread every now and then. Before eating it, we enjoyed its fragrance for a few minutes. My father and mother prayed that all the children in the world would have the same. Now we are fighting obesity. But millions of children are hungry and undernourished because in their countries there is the damned war.

Why Rula Jebreal, and not Donatella Scarnati, to present San Remo?

There is no opportunity to turn on the match next to petrol, to undermine Rai, the government, Di Maio's mission in Libya, the sale of Alitalia, the reform of Justice. To sell an extra copy, to have a moment of fame, even if hovering over the precipice. We are a people of defeatists. We feel more emotion in hoping for disasters than in building a better future for our children. Bebe Vio did not create controversy, so we don't talk about it anymore. We pretend to be indignant, but we like it to be so. The next character of Amadeus could be Messina Denaro.

He doesn't care about Italy and the voters, nor about themselves

There is a huge difference - not in quality but in behavior - between the right and the rest, who are not leftists, are nothing, just irresponsible. Most, nuafraghi in life, without education or a job were destined for unemployment. They had the ass shot of running into the lifeboat of parliament, at € 16 a month, in addition to many other benefits. Instead of cheering for salvation, they make holes in the raft contesting everything, arguing, going from one party to another. And Conte tries to patch. The others, on the other hand, are united and supportive. They obey patients.

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