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Tuesday 22 June 2021

Letter from London: News from the front

London: News from the front

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London remains closed. Indeed, if possible it closes even more.
To punish the influencers and globetrotters of Dubai's beaches, those who fall from a list of 40 countries at risk variants must quarantine in mediocre hotels chosen by the government, at a fixed price of around 1750 pounds including tampons.

It's a clear measure to punish those who flaunted Instagram's golden beaches and bikinis. How to blame the English? Meanwhile London is closed. Quiet. No cars, closed shops, few people. Nothing new, it has been talked about a thousand times.

But if you compare London in the “first Italian lockdown” style with Italian cities in harlequin colors but where life has returned to a higher normality certainly enhances the differences. Even in numbers. Which look the same but they are not.

February 13. England: 10.972 new cases; 258 dead; -31% on the previous week.

February 13. Italy: 11.088 new cases; 221 dead; stable conditions.

England: 15 million vaccinated as of February 14th. 90% of the 4 categories most at risk. From February 15th, over 65s have been vaccinated. Everyone. By mid-April. One booking portal for the Kingdom; working, searchable, fast.

Italy: 2 million vaccinated. Maybe. Categories, no one knows. Certainly some well-placed relative. 20 Regions, potentially 25 booking portals. Working? Mah.

England is preparing to gradually reopen from April 1st, without fish. And for May it aims at a total reopening of shops, pubs and restaurants.

Italy sees a new total lockdown announced. No skiing (sic).

Draghi correctly spoke of an advanced vaccination plan.
But will one man be able to overcome our organizational idiosyncrasy?

I don't think we can go wrong. The risk of not vaccinating is not the third lockdown, but the fourth in September. And it would be criminal as well as fatal from an economic point of view.

England is also wrong. The vaccinated do not even have a certificate, and they have the same dies and rules as the unvaccinated. For fear; not to create two classes of citizens in the most class-oriented country in the world. But at least you can bear it with patience.

How much real patience is there in Italy? How much honeymoon for Mario Draghi?

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